FIFA 21: FUT Birthday Marco Reus Review - Cost, Upgraded Ratings, Links and Everything You Need to Know

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Marco Reus has arrived in the FUT Birthday promotion, via this limited-time Squad Building Challenge.

The German was a fan favourite in FIFA 14, and he's sure to be once more after EA delivered this STACKED new card.


He's not cheap, but his stats sure make up for that.

Thinking about completing him for your FUT setup? Here is everything that you need to know.

FUT Birthday Reus

There is plenty to look over here, including a position change, a skills upgrade and plenty of boosted stats.

Position Change

Reus has switched from a CAM to a LW on this new card.


It's disappointing for those who would've prefered the Dortmund man in a central role, but with his boosted-stats, we aren't going to complain too much.

Skills Upgrade

As part of the FUT Birthday promotion, each player recieves an upgrade to either their skill moves or their weak foot.

EA have opted for the former for the German forward, who now possess' five-star skills!

Boosted Stats

Where do we start?!

Reus has recieved huge upgrades to his physicality (+20) and his pace (+11), whilst minor upgrades to his shooting and dribbling (+4 on both) has taken him from a decent attacking midfielder to a star forward.

  • PACE - 91 OVR (+11)
  • SHOOTING - 90 OVR (+4)
  • PASSING - 88 OVR (+4)
  • DRIBBLING - 90 OVR (+5)
  • DEFENDING - 48 OVR (+3)
  • PHYSICALITY - 83 OVR (+20)

It's safe to say, Reus has become one of the Bundesliga's best with this FUT Birthday appearance.


This Marco Reus SBC will set you back 580,000 coins on PlayStation, 550,000 coins on Xbox and 675,000 coins on PC.

He's not a cheap option!


With Reus turning out as a left forward, you're going to need to find links in the LB, CM and ST positions.


Our left back selection is Reus' Dortmund team mate Raphaël Guerreiro. His 86-rated TOTW card is trading for between 75-100k at the time of writing.

There are plenty of options in the central midfield slot, but we'd go for someone with a bit more of a defensive mindset due to the attacking nature of formations that feature left and right wingers.

With that in mind, we'd opt for Bayern Munich's Joshua Kimmich. The German has a strong link with Reus due to their nationalites and also has plenty of different cards available to choose from depending on your budget.

And finally as far as striker options go, there's only one man for the job. Erling Haaland.


He's not cheap, but Marco Reus is undoubtedly the best card to come out of the FUT Birthday SBCs so far.


If you've got the cash and are in need of a Bundesliga/German forward, you won't be disappointed.