FIFA 21: FUT Birthday Arturo Vidal Review - Cost, Upgraded Ratings, Links and Everything You Need to Know

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Arturo Vidal has arrived in the FUT Birthday promo, via a limited-time Squad Building Challenge.

The Chilean was a star on FIFA 12, and he could well be the same this year.


His asking price is the highest of any SBC we've seen in the promotion so far, but is he worth the dosh?

Let's find out.

FUT Birthday Vidal

Aside from the weak foot or skill move upgrades, EA have also opted to use this year's FUT Birthday promo as a throwback to the good old FIFA days.

GOAT! Vidal is a FIFA 12 legend!

Vidal was arguably the greatest centre midfielder that FIFA 12 had to offer, back when the box-to-box midfielder was a Juventus star.

But now, with an 89-rated FUT Birthday card added to FIFA 21, could Vidal be reclaming the award as the best Serie A midfielder in FIFA Ultimate Team?


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This card is mindblowingly good!

Vidal's weak foot or skill moves boost comes for the latter, with the Chilean now possessing 5* skills as opposed to 3* on his base card. Winner.

As far as in-games go, +17 to the Chilean's pace (82 OVR) is the standout upgrade, whilst +9 to his shooting (88 OVR) and his dribbling (87 OVR) are huge bonuses for those wanting to play Vidal in a more attfacking role.


With 88-rated defending and 89-rated physiciality, he'll take some beating if you choose to play him as a CDM too.


There's literally nothing that he can't do.


This Arturo Vidal SBC will set you back 550,000 coins on PlayStation, 515,000 coins on Xbox and 600,000 coins on PC

It's a hefty investment, but he's worth it.


Now there isn't a vast amount of Chilean links that are worth looking at, but thankfully, the Serie A comes up trumps with many options to consider.

Vidal has strong links with a host of impressive players, including Lautaro Martinez. The Argentine has an ST card or a RW card that you can choose between.


But the link that excites us most is a fellow FUT Birthday player in the form of Ivan Perisic.

INTER! Vidal & Perisic make for a fearsome combination!
INTER! Vidal & Perisic make for a fearsome combination!

If you put these two together on the right hand side of your starting eleven, then you'll be the envy of every opponent you come up against.

The Verdict

He's a significant investment, but Vidal is an end-game card that you will LOVE playing with.

5* skills are a huge bonus to those who like a tricky player, but Vidal's main strengths come, well, just about everywhere!

Whether you need a rock solid CDM, a box-to-box CM or a goal scoring CAM it doesn't matter, as Vidal can do all three!


You may not find a better Serie A midfielder this year.