FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: EA Play Guide - How To Spend Your 10 Hours Access

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FIFA 21 is now available to download on EA Play, allowing players to get a 10 hour trial of the full FIFA 21 game!

With this being the first time many will be getting onto the console for the first time, here is a list of things you should be prioritising during your 10 hours of early access!

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Division Rivals Placements

This year in Division Rivals, after your 5 placement matches, you will get a massive coin boost depending on the division you’re placed in, due to you receiving all of the promotion rewards for all the divisions up to and including your placement rank.

While all the coin rewards aren’t confirmed for all divisions, the following look to be confirmed if you place in these divisions after 5 games:

  • Division 2 - 124,000 Coins
  • Division 3 - 89,000 Coins
  • Division 5 - 44,000 Coins

For only 5 games, especially if you’re a top FIFA Player and can get a good amount of wins, the coin rewards are massive, and definitely shouldn’t be understated!

Squad Battles Matches

If you’re looking to get as many rewards as possible, playing Squad Battles against the AI a tonne during the EA Play 10 hour period could be a fantastic way to go.


Not only will this allow you to get a real feel for how the game plays and the meta of FUT 21, but you’ll also earn some very useful rewards for the end of the week that will give you a kick-start of coins.

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Transfer Any FIFA Points from FIFA 20 > 21

If you’ve got any FIFA Points outstanding from FIFA 20, you can perform a one time transfer across to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, to get you started on the new version of the game.

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Tips To Saving Time on EA Play

Here are a final few points and tips on how you can best spend your time during EA Play, so you can focus as many hours as possible on gameplay related objectives and rewards!

  • Don’t waste time opening packs on console during your 10 hours, as this can be done via the web app on PC or mobile. Save the time on console for gameplay.
  • Don’t waste time trading on console, as this can also be done very easily via the web app or mobile app.
  • Don’t waste time completing the starter or advanced SBCs on console, as you’ll have access to these on web and mobile apps.
  • Don’t forget to log in on the web app to claim daily login rewards, as these are available ONLY on the web app!