FIFA 21 Division Rivals: Dates, Times, Ranks, Rewards And Everything You Need To Know About Rivals In FUT 21

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FIFA 21's Division Rivals mode is a week-long event and allows players from all divisions to compete for extra FUT rewards.

Over the course of a seven day period, players will battle it out to get the best rank and rewards they can get.

So what is it all about and what do you get for it?


What Is Division Rivals?

Division Rivals is the go-to mode for FUT and an opportunity for players to compete against others to earn rewards.

Each player has the opportunity to play up to 30 games and see how many points they can achieve.

The more wins you get, the higher your rank and the better your rewards you will get. You also get points for draws and losses, but they are worth considerably less.

Each week a new cycle takes place with an unlimited cap on 

Every game consists of 90 in-game minutes, the game can end in a result for either player or a draw.

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Dates And Times

Division Rivals start every Thursday at 8am BST and finishes the following Thursday at 8am BST.


RIVALRY: Climb the divisions and settle the score


How Do I Qualify For Division Rivals?

After you've completed 5 placement games in Division Rivals, you will be put into a division based on your results.

From here you can play your games, climb divisions and earn rewards.

Ranks And Divisions

In total there are 10 Divisions, you can get promoted or relegated depending on your skill rating and the threshold needed to reach a division.

When you win a game, you will gain skill rating points. If you draw, you will only gain a small number of points or potentially lose points (depending on your skill rating, the division you're in and the skill rating of your opponent). If you lose, you will lose skill rating points.

On the rewards side, there are weekly ranks. Each rank requires a certain number of points to reach it.


To rank, you need to play a minimum of 1 game. The Top ranks are determined by the highest number of points and the higher your rank, the better your rewards.

Unlike other modes, the threshold for each rank changes as the week progresses. The more points the competition gains, the more you will need to grab as well or risk falling a rank.

In total, there are 6 ranks to achieve.

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Every rank will reward you with your choice of coins, tradable packs or untradable packs.

Rewards are distributed every Thursday at 08:00 GMT, which is 09:00 UTC.


To earn the most basic rewards, you need to play at least 1 game of Division Rivals.

For a full list of rewards, click here.


There are no restrictions in FUT Champions.

You are allowed to use loan players as you would in any other mode.

Tips And Tricks

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you in FUT Champions:

  • Usually, rank 3 will give you the best rewards for the time spent on the mode. It usually requires only a handful of wins to stay in rank 3.
  • There is a degree of skill-based matchmaking in Division Rivals, as you're playing people within a similar division and skill rating. The higher you climb, the harder your opponents will get so you need to make sure you're ready for every challenge.
  • Try to play at off-peak times as this is when the servers can get overloaded causing lag and button delay.
  • Be careful not to settle for a draw as you can still lose points depending on your ranking.
  • Experiment with different styles and teams against similarly skilled opponents to give you the edge for FUT Champions.