FIFA 21: 81+ Double Upgrade Cheapest Solution For Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 And PC

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A new SBC upgrade is now available for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

Players can submit a selection of low rated player to get a decent upgrade in return!


It's the perfect SBC for those that have lots of low rated cards who want to prepare for some of the higher ones that are due to arrive in FUT.

You may even get lucky and pull a valuable player that fits perfectly into your squad!

So how much will it cost me? Here's the cheapest solution.


The SBC went live on the 23rd November at 6pm GMT.

The SBC will expire on 3rd December at 5.59pm GMT.


To complete this TOTW Upgrade SBC, you'll need to submit the following:

  • 11 rare players
  • 11 gold players
  • 50 chemistry
  • 11 players in the squad

Cheapest Solution

This squad should cost you 6,000-8,000 coins.

  • GK - 82 PERIN
  • LB - 83 KOSTIC
  • CB - 83 HRADECKY
  • CB - 82 BUFFON
  • CM - 83 SATEELS
  • CM - 83 TRAPP
  • LW - 83 HAZARD
  • ST - 83 DZEKO
  • RW - 83 HAKIMI

Solution Tips

There's not much you can do wrong here but aim to get rare gold players for as cheap as possible.

For the most part, players discard for about 600-650 coins, meaning you will not be able to obtain a rare gold card for less than 600 coins.

Most have price ranges that start at 650, but there are a few that will sit at 600 - the best leagues for this are:

  • Eredivisie
  • MLS
  • Mexican League
  • Russian League
  • Spanish League 2
  • Scottish League
  • Chinese League

Set your search filters to minimum 550 and maximum 600, with 'Gold' for quality and 'Rare' for Rarity.


You're likely going to lose a lot of bids as people tend to big 650 to 700. But if you're patient you can snag a few for 600.

Is It Worth It?

So is it worth it? These SBCs usually return some good players so if you have tons of untradable players it's definitely worth investing in it.

If not, I would maybe try your luck once or twice and call it a day.