FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: How To Transfer List Players To Raise FUT Coins

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FIFA 21 goes into Early Access this Friday, and that means players are gearing up to start wheeling and dealing their prized players in Ultimate Team.

If you're new to the mode, you may be wondering how to offload players you don't want.


While you can quick-sell, it's almost always more worthwhile to add players to the transfer market in case you can earn more FIFA coins.

Here's how.

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: How To Transfer List Players


Who will you sell to make money?

The key thing to remember about transfer listing players is that, as with quick-selling, it only works with players that are tradeable.

With that in mind, regardless of whether you get Messi or Ronaldo as a reward, or one of the storyline cards for reaching level 30, you won't be able to sell them.

There are three ways you can transfer list players:



The most obvious way of managing your squad and raising funds is through the in-game menus.

Once you've decided to sell a player, you'll be able to set a starting price for the auction, as well as a "Buy Now" price that'll be available, too.

You can also set how long a transfer listing will be available for.


While you'd think offering a card for a week will draw more interest than offering one for a day, many players like to "snipe" cards and swoop in within the final minutes.

That also means that you can often see a flurry of activity late on, so don't panic if your card is approaching the final hours without a bid.

Using The Mobile App

Each FIFA game offers its own mobile companion app, and FIFA 21 will offer the same.


The app gives players the same options as the in-game menus for transferring players, but will allow you to buy and sell while away from home.

You can also manage your squad in this view.

Using The Web App

Finally, the popular Web App lets you continue your trading and squad management just by logging in via a browser window.


You can find more information about the web app here.