FIFA 21: EA Reveals That Career Mode Will Receive It's Biggest Update Ever

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Over the years, it feels as if EA have turned a blind-eye towards FIFA's Career Mode, devoting most of their attention to FUT.

Players have been asking for significant changes to made to the Career Mode experience for a number of years.


This year EA has acknowledged the call and have promised big changes for FIFA 21's Career Mode.

FIFA 21 Career Mode Trailer

EA has released a number of trailers over the past couple of weeks showcasing elements of FIFA 21 before it's release.

The FUT and gameplay trailer are available to watch on the official EA FIFA Youtube channel.


EA has confirmed that we can expect a Career Mode trailer very soon.

This video will showcase the exact details and changes being made to the Career Mode.

Keep your eye out for that trailer coming very soon.


Courtesy of EA Sports

Significant Changes

In an interview with Goal, Vice President of EA Nick Wlodyka stated, 'we've really made the biggest investments we've ever made to make sure we're delivering exactly what our players are asking for.'

It's obvious EA are taking on community feedback and implementing the changes players want to see.


Wlodyka continued, stating "we listened to what they want to be able to do, things they haven't been able to do in the past.”

This is exciting news and shows EA realises the FIFA community was desperate for changes in Career Mode.

Let's hope EA can deliver on the Career Mode players have been waiting for.