FIFA 21 TOTY: How To Craft Player SBCs For Cheap During Team of the Year

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With Team of the Year only a few days away from arriving in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, it’s time to get prepared for the biggest event of the year, and familiarise yourself with how to “craft” expensive Player SBCs while you open packs to try and pack one of the big blue cards!

Crafting SBCs are perfect for promotions like TOTY, where you’ll be ripping tonnes of packs for high-value promo cards, meaning you’ll likely hit some high rated cards in the process.

Here’s our guide to ‘crafting’ high-value SBCs in FUT 21, along with a couple of methods you can use depending on your coin total!

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What Is Crafting?

When we talk about ‘crafting’ a Player SBC in FUT, this basically refers to a process whereby you open packs, be it through completing League SBCs, grinding Upgrade Packs or opening Saved Packs, with the intention obviously of packing high-value cards such as TOTYs, but also packing high rated cards that can be submitted into high-value SBCs.

By opening packs at big promotions, you have the chance of packing, in this case, a TOTY item, but as you go, you’ll also begin collecting high rated cards (i.e. 83+) that will help towards completing high rated squads for Player SBCs, lowering the overall total cost you’ll have to pay to obtain the SBC card.

Methods To Craft Player SBCs For Cheap

For FIFA 21’s TOTY, there will be 2 main methods in which you’ll be able to go about crafting Player SBCs for cheap through opening a lot of packs, these being the League SBC Method, and the Upgrade Packs Method.

The League SBC Method is certainly a slightly longer grind, reliant on opening large volumes of bronze and silver packs to slowly accumulate all the teams throughout the League SBCs for cheap, meaning you can open higher value packs from the bigger leagues, however, it will cost less than other methods.

The Upgrade Pack Method is perhaps more tailored towards players with larger coin balances, who can complete a large number of Upgrade SBC packs that are released at TOTY with the intention of packing TOTY items but also packing a lot of high rated cards in the process.

League SBC Method

The League SBC grind is definitely something that will take up your time if you want to see success with it, however, it won’t set you back as many coins as upgrade packs will at TOTY, and can still generate large numbers of packs and high rated cards to complete Player SBCs.

Here’s a quick run-through of the League SBC Method:

  1. 400 Coin Bronze Packs are a key staple of the League SBC Grind, stocking the club of bronze players throughout all the League SBC leagues. You’ll want to open a healthy amount of these to get started, around 100ks worth is a good starting point.
  2. Keep any bronzes from leagues that have a League SBC.
  3. Submit any bronzes from leagues that DON’T has a League SBC into the 2 Silver Upgrade.
  4. Open the Silver Upgrade packs, again keeping any silver players needed for League SBCs.
  5. Submit any silver players from leagues that DON’T have a League SBC into the Gold Upgrade
  6. Open Gold Upgrade
  7. Simply rinse and repeat the process until you start collecting enough players from various League SBC teams.
  8. Typically, when you have 6 or 7 of a team, that’s a good point to consider buying the remaining players you need to complete the team to allow you to open the reward pack.
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The League SBC grind is certainly something that will take a little while to generate the higher value packs through the bigger leagues, however, if you’re willing to put the time and effort in, it can be very profitable, as popular content creators such as Nick28T and NepentheZ show on a daily basis!

A few key things to note:

  • Lower League SBCs such as the MLS, Saudi League and Championship are key. While they may reward Silver Packs a lot of the time, they are very key in obtaining higher value silver players from teams in bigger leagues, such as West Brom.
  • Patience is key here, it may take a couple of days of grinding to fully see the benefits of League SBCs, however when compared to the cost of opening store packs, or even upgrade packs, this method is far more cost-effective.

Upgrade Packs Method

Potentially a more popular method during TOTY, especially for those with more coins to burn for the event, is the Upgrade Packs Method.

Very simply, this method involves dumping a lot of coins into whichever upgrades are released during TOTY, of course with the intention of packing those high-value TOTY items, but also generating a lot of high-value SBC fodder at the same time.


To find out the best Upgrade SBCs you can look to grind at TOTY, be sure to check out our Upgrade Packs For TOTY Guide here.

Here’s our simple, but effective guide on how to grind Upgrade Packs for TOTY:

  1. Assuming you’ve got coins to do so, simply going through and buying the requirements for Upgrade Packs will be doable. Most of the time at TOTY, we see upgrades that require 11 rare gold players, meaning you should be able to complete an upgrade pack for no more than 10,000 coins.
  2. Open upgrade packs, making sure to keep all your players. Upgrade packs such as the 81+ or Premium League Upgrades should deliver frequent high rated cards for use in Player SBCs.
  3. Any lower rated players can be recycled back into upgrade packs, with rare players going into things like the 81+, 80+ Player Pick or Premium League Upgrades, with non-rare cards going into the Two Rare Gold Upgrade to return back more rares for upgrades.
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