FIFA 21 TOTY Defenders Ratings & Stats Predictions

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The FIFA 21 Team of the Year Defenders will be announced and released into packs TOMORROW, likely for 2 days, featuring some of the highest-rated cards we’ll see this year in the defensive positions.

With ratings being slightly lower than previously predicted, to keep TOTY cards more in line with the overall power curve of FUT, here are our predictions for the ratings and statistics for the TOTY Defenders and Goalkeeper!


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TOTY Defenders & Goalkeeper Confirmed

The TOTY Defenders and Goalkeeper for FUT 21 has been confirmed with the following players making the TOTY XI.

  • GK - Manuel Neuer
  • RB - Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • CB - Virgil Van Dijk
  • CB - Sergio Ramos
  • LB - Alphonso Davies

These players will be available in packs from Tuesday 26th January at 6pm UK!

TOTY Defenders & Goalkeeper Ratings & Stats Predictions

Here are our predictions, and some rumoured statistics that have been circulating around social media for the TOTY Defenders and Goalkeeper!


Manuel Neuer - 96 GK

So far, we’ve not had any news through on Manuel Neuer’s overall rating or stats, however given the upgrades we’ve been seeing this year, we’re expecting Neuer to be given a 96 TOTY item, to leave room for a higher rated TOTS item.

Even if he’s lower rated than previous TOTY GK items, still expect him to have at least mid-90s in all of the key goalkeeping stats, making him the best GK at the moment in FUT.

Trent Alexander-Arnold - 94 RB

Twitter user @xmilianx_ seems to have found some statistics for a few of the defenders, after appearing to be correct on Kevin De Bruyne’s TOTY card rating and statistics.

These are the rumoured stats and OVR rating for Trent this year, who looks to be an awesome attacking RB with what will be some of the best crossing and overall passing stats in the entire game. 

Virgil Van Dijk - 96 CB


Twitter user @xmilianx_ has also found some rumoured stats for Van Dijk’s TOTY card this year, with the CB taking a tumble from his 99 rated TOTY card last year to a 96 this year.

Injuries, coupled with EA’s reduction in TOTY ratings to allow for more future upgrades around TOTS means he’s still a top-level CB, but has room to grow.

Regardless of the OVR downgrade, if these stats are correct, VVD will still get a +17 in passing, as well as +9 in pace compared to his base item, still game-breaking upgrades! 

Sergio Ramos - 96 CB

Our friend @xmilianx_ has one last potential card for us this year, with Sergio Ramos also being revealed on his social media, with a 96 rated card in the pipeline for the Spaniard.

Considering Ramos’ last TOTY item was 97 rated, this isn’t the biggest downgrade we’ve seen, and with nearly all stats 80 or higher, will be another incredible CB option in FUT 21.

With a rumoured +11 pace, +11 dribbling and +10 passing, there are still plenty of massive boosts expected to these TOTY cards despite the OVR downgrades from previous years.


Alphonso Davies - 93 LB

So far, we haven’t had any concrete rumours or evidence regarding Alphonso Davies’ TOTY item, however, we can be sure it’ll be the lowest-rated item out of the XI, we’re predicting a 93 rated card.

Being a +7 from his 86 rated RTTF card, which has potential to upgrade, we’re expecting some big stat boosts. Firstly, expect his TOTY to have 99 pace, only a +1 from his next highest item.

We’re expecting somewhere into the mid-90s for his dribbling, with 90 defending and mid-high shooting, passing and physical stats, making Davies, like Trent, one of the best attacking full-backs in FUT 21.