FIFA 21: Title Update #1 Fixes A Strange Online Game Glitch

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With FIFA 21 now soft-launching with the Champions and Ultimate edition, a new title update is now live.

While the first title update is a bit underwhelming, it does fix a bug that could eat up your precious FIFA time.


As listed on the FIFA forums by EA Community Manager EA_GZero, this update only fixes one small issue.

While I'm sure more issues will unravel in the coming weeks, this does fix a more immediate issue with disconnects online.

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FIFA 21 Title Update #1

The latest Title Update for FIFA 21 is now available and includes the change below.



Addressed the following issue:

In some instances, an online match would continue between a player and the CPU AI after the player’s initial opponent left the match. This issue could potentially occur in all types of online matches.

Title Update #1 is currently available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


GOODBYE AI: No longer will you be stuck playing AI opponents in online games

While this doesn't seem like a huge issue or a significant update, if you're playing on the trial period it can unnecessarily eat up your time in the game that could be put to better use.

Imagine if your opponent leaves the game and you end up losing? That would be a serious controller smash moment.

With the game launching fully this Friday and more players jumping online, more issues are bound to be discovered.