FIFA 21: Title Update #2 Fixes A Market Issues In FUT

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With FIFA 21 now soft-launching with the Champions and Ultimate edition, a new title update is now live.

While the second title update is also a bit underwhelming, it does fix a bug that could eat up your precious FIFA time.


As listed on the FIFA forums by EA Community Manager EA_Roger, this update only fixes one small issue.

While I'm sure more issues will unravel in the coming weeks, this does fix a more immediate issue with disconnects online.

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FIFA 21 Title Update #2

The latest Title Update for FIFA 21 is now available and includes the change below.



Addressed the following issue:

  • A stability issue sometimes occurred when making bids on the FUT Transfer Market.

Title Update #1 is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4.


WHEELING AND DEALING: You can now big on players free of stability issues!

Again, it's a very minor fix that raises the question of whether it needed a full title update.

From personal experience, I haven't encountered these issues much myself.

But for it to get an update, it must have been causing major issues for many others.