FIFA 21 Icon Swaps Set 2 Predictions: Icon Selections, Rewards, Objectives And Tips On How To Prepare

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With Icon Swaps Set 1 coming to a close in a couple of weeks on February 12th, it’s time to start looking ahead to what we might be seeing in Icon Swaps Set 2, which is predicted to arrive soon after.

Icon Swaps Set 1 saw a slight revamp to the system we’d expected from FIFA 20, with a reduced pool of icons available and a greater switch towards pack rewards and icon packs in general, a change that has proven to be highly popular within the FUT community.

We're expecting Season 4 of FUT to host this objective-based promo.


Here are our predictions for Icon Swaps 2.

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Icon Predictions For Icon Swaps Set 2

As we discovered with Icon Swaps Set 1, there are far fewer Icons to choose from this year in Icon Swaps, due to the reintroduction of Icon SBCs back into FUT, as well as a greater shift towards highly valuable pack rewards that we saw also in Set 1.

Nevertheless, Icon Swaps Set 2 should definitely take a step up from Set 1, delivering far more Prime, and potentially even Moments icons, depending on the release date of both the Moments cards themselves and Icon Swaps Set 2.

With Vidic, Hagi, Suker, Koeman, Rijkaard and Henry featuring in Icon Swap Set 1, don’t expect them to feature in Icon Swap Set 2 with a different version, and the same can be said for Icon SBCs such as Kaka, Cannavaro and Roberto Carlos, who would be unlikely to feature given their inclusions in other areas of FUT.

Nevertheless, we’d still expect some decent value icons to be released, potentially around the 1.5-2m range at the top end, here are some potential cards that would meet that valuation.

Pack Predictions for Icon Swaps Set 2


One of the big new changes to Icon Swaps for FUT 21 was the greater swing towards pack rewards, which from Icon Swaps Set 1, has appeared to have been a brilliant success!

Offering out packs such as 2 Ultimates, the 5x 85+ and the 25x 83+ has seen more and more people engaging with Icon Swaps than ever before, being rewarded for their efforts in the process.

In addition scattered icon packs such as the Base, Base or Mid, Mid, Mid or Prime, Base Icon Player Pick and the 89+ Mid Icon have also proven to be very popular during this swaps set, however, that might be due to the slightly lacklustre selection of icons available.

Moving into Icon Swaps Set 2, here are the packs that we’d expect to be available.

  • We expect the Ultimate, 5x 85+ and 25x 83+ to return for similar token values given their popularity in set 1
  • Mid Icon to replace Set 1’s Base Icon for 8 tokens
  • Mid or Prime Icon to replace Set 1’s Base or Mid Icon for 10 tokens
  • Prime Icon to replace Set 1’s Mid Icon for 12 tokens
  • Prime or Moments Icon to replace Set 1’s Mid or Prime Pack for 15 tokens
  • Mid/Prime Icon Player pick to replace Set 1’s Base Icon Player Pick for 17 tokens
  • 91/92+ Prime Icon Pack to replace Set 1’s 89+ Mid Icon Pack

How To Prepare for Icon Swaps Set 2

Now that we’ve seen how the objectives have worked from Icon Swaps Set 1, we can give some more educated advice on how to prepare for Icon Swaps Set 2.

We saw that first owner objectives in friendlies were the backbone of a lot of the objectives needed to complete to earn Icon Swaps tokens, so here are some tips on players to look out for and save to give yourself the best chance of completing the tokens in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that you save meta (i.e. useable players in-game) from Top 5 Leagues, i.e. Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A & Ligue 1
  • Ensure that you save meta (i.e. useable players in-game) from Popular Nations, i.e. Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium
  • Take advantage of Loan Players. Given that objectives are in friendlies, contracts on loan players won’t be used, meaning you can use them for an unlimited number of games. Completing SBCs for any good looking loans from top leagues and nations will help complete these objectives far quicker!

So those are some tips on which players you should be looking to save, but you should also familiarise yourself with the highly popular Golden Goal rule that the community have been implementing to make the grind go quicker as well.

Golden Goal is as you’d expect, first goal wins, whereby the first person to concede a goal simply quits the match to give the opposition the win, to allow for quicker games.

There’s no real downside to doing this, as friendlies will not use up any contracts or show up on the record as wins or losses, meaning there’s no real need to worry about dropping a few games here or there.