FIFA 21 Future Stars Team 2 LIVE: Release Date, Predictions, Leaks, Card Design, Countdown, SBCs, Objectives And Everything You Need To Know

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Future Stars have arrived and are now LIVE - Team 2 arrives TODAY!

Shortly after two big promos, Headliners and TOTY, 2021 is continuing on with another huge event.

The Future Stars promo is an incredibly inventive one, bringing youngsters who would never feature in the meta to the top of the food chain, by giving them massive boosts that reflect their potential (should they reach it).


Future Stars has been in FUT since FIFA 19 when it was introduced and focuses on younger hot prospects that haven’t yet established themselves as stars on the world stage.

Alongside exciting SBC, Objective and pack based content, there's a lot to look forward to!

Here's what you need to know about Future Stars in FIFA 21.

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Latest News

Team 2 - 12th February

Rhian Brewster Future Stars SBC Cheapest Solution - 6th January


Rhian Brewster has received a Future Stars SBC in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team.

The young English talent has an unbelievable amount of potential and EA has recognised this by giving him a special card.

Check out the cheapest solution here.

Sandro Tonali Player Moments Objective - 5th January


Sandro Tonali has received a special Player Moments card as part of the Future Stars promo in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team.

The well-rounded midfielder is available as an objective card to celebrate his long-range freekick against Genoa.

Take a look at the fastest way to get him here.

Bruno Guimaraes Future Stars Pick SBC Cheapest Solution - 5th January


Bruno Guimaraes has received a Future Stars card SBC in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team.

Lyon's exciting and well-rounded midfielder could be the utility player you need to round out your squad.

EA has offered players a choice of two versions - one attacking focused and one defensively focused.

Take a look at the cheapest solution here.

Team 1 - 5th February

Loading Screens

Fourth Loading Screen - 45h February

A new loading screen has appeared teasing two other players!


What Are Future Stars?


The Future Stars Promo is an awesome event that takes a look into the future, with massively boosted cards given to some of the best young talent in the world of football currently.

With huge boosts to card stats and overall ratings, as well as skill moves and weak foot in a number of circumstances, Future Stars cards reflect how some players may look in the future should they realise their potential and reach top form in their professional careers.

Given that these cards feature massive boosts to previously underused players, Future Stars is a real fan favourite that brings a whole host of new items into the limelight, shaking up the FUT meta in an exciting way!

Future Stars Release Date

This year in FUT 21, Future Stars kicks off on Friday, February 5th, being the first promotion released after Team of the Year.

Last year in FUT 20, Future Stars dropped on January 31st, while in FIFA 19 they arrived on January 18th, so we’d expect somewhat of a similar release date in January this season.

Future Stars Card Design

In contrast to last year's vibrant pink design, EA has opted for a more retro black and multi-coloured design.



Here are our predictions for Team 1 of Future Stars.

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Future Stars Squad


Throughout the course of the Future Stars promo, expect 2 teams of players to be released, each filled with awesome new cards, released into packs for a week-long period.

Last year in FUT 20 we saw a total of 28 players released into packs across the 2 week event, including a 92 Haland, 92 Lautaro Martinez and a 91 Valverde, with 2 squads of 14 released, with more players released into SBCs and Objectives.

Be sure to check back later for our Future Stars Predictions!

Future Stars Upgradeable Objectives


One of the great new features to Future Stars last year in FUT 20 was the Future Stars Academy Objectives, that allowed players to ‘rise through the ranks’ with various Future Stars items, using higher rated versions as they completed objectives as they went.

In the example below, players started off with 77 rated Zaniolo, obtained by completing a simple objective. To obtain the higher-rated 81 version, players had to complete objectives with the 77 rated version (score 2 goals, get 2 assists etc). After completing all the objectives in the group, players were rewarded with the highest rated Objective card as the overall group reward.

Last year, we had 4 Future Stars Academy objectives, featuring Zaniolo, Dan James, Osimhen and Odegaard.

Other Expected Future Stars Content

Being a relatively heavy promotion driven towards pack sales, the Future Stars squads are the main attractions, however, we can still expect some other content, including:

  • Future Stars & Other Player SBCs
  • Upgrade & Pack SBCs
  • Promo Packs

Future Stars & Other Player SBCs

Player SBCs will be another staple of the promotion to compliment the squad of players already in packs. Last year we saw a number of Future Stars SBCs released, including Moise Kean, Weston McKennie, Takefusa Kubo, Kieran Tierney and Nicolo Barella.

We also had other Player Moments released, including Player Moments Alphonso Davies, Dayot Upamecano and Arthur.

Upgrade & Pack SBCs

Accompanying the Player SBCs released throughout Future Stars, be on the lookout for other pack SBCs, as well as Upgrade SBCs. Last year in Future Stars we had the 82-88, 80+, 83+ and Double 81+ Upgrade SBCs released throughout Future Stars. We also had a total of 8 Future Stars Challenge SBCs released for pack rewards.

Promo Packs

Promo Packs will also be a staple of the event, with lightning rounds at peak times around the release of the Future Stars squads, and daily store refreshes of high value packs.