FIFA 21 FUTTIES: James Tavernier FUTTIES Favourite Objectives Tips

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The FUTTIES have finally landed in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team.

The yearly promotion brings some of the fan favourites from throughout the year back to the fold, with the likes of TOTY Kevin De Bruyne back in packs.

But as always, one player will be available for free via the Objectives menu, and that man is Rangers fullback James Tavernier.

Table of Contents

Here is everything you need to know if you want to get the Englishman in your club.



This FUTTIES James Tavernier landed in the Objectives menus at 6pm BST on Friday, July 16th.

The Rangers man will be available for one week, with his Objectives expiring on Friday, July 23rd.


EA will be tasking eager players with completing four Objectives in order to unlock the 93-rated version of Tavernier.

All four are as follows:

  • Captain Fantastic: Score a goal with a Defender in 6 separate Squad Battles Wins on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals)
  • Assist Machine: Assist 15 goals in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)
  • Quality Deliveries: Assist with Crosses in 4 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)
  • English Goals: Score using English players in 12 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)

Objectives Tips

This really isn't a difficult card to complete at all.

We'd recommend taking the Squad Battles route rather than the Division Rivals route as you will come up against much easier opposition in the offline mode.

Scoring with a defender shouldn't be too difficult given the insane attacking stats that some of the fullbacks in Ultimate Team possess, so switch one of those attacking defenders to an ST role upon kick-off to complete the Captain Fantastic Objective quickly.

Aside from that there isn't too many problems to be had if you're wanting to complete this card, so you needn't worry too much here.

Worth the Grind?

There's no doubting that this is an incredible card, but we're not going to recommend this for everyone.


If you have an English squad then there is no doubting that you should go and pick him up, with the 4* skills upgrade he rivals any English fullback in the game currently.

But if you're only looking to Tavernier for a spot on the subs bench, we probably wouldn't bother.