FIFA 21 FUTMAS Predictions: Player SBCs, FUTMAS Cards And Live Countdown

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As FUTMAS approaches, with an expected release coming around Friday 11th December, it’s time to take a look at all the potential FUTMAS Player SBCs and the countdown we could be seeing this year in FUT 21.

Here are our predictions and a few players we’d like to see released through SBCs over the FUTMAS promotion!


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How FUTMAS Player SBCs Are Released

The biggest draw of the FUTMAS Event is, without doubt, the recurring Player SBCs that are released every day of the promo.

2 FUTMAS Themed SBCs will be released every day during the event for 24 hours, meaning you’ll have to think fast as to whether you want to complete an SBC, or let it pass.

In recent years, the themes of FUTMAS SBCs have been surrounding:

  • Nation Rankings
  • Team Positions in the season prior, so for this year, FUTMAS will be themed around league finishes from the 2019/20 campaign.

For example, on Day 1 of FUTMAS in FIFA 20, we had an SBC for a player from a team that finished 12th in the league in the season prior, and a Belgian, being ranked the best nation at the time (1st). On Day 2 of FUTMAS, we had an SBC for a player from a team that finished 11th, and a player from the nation ranked 2nd at the time, and so on.


FUTMAS Day 1 Prediction

On the first day of FUTMAS, EA Sports gave to us, we won’t make that a thing for the rest of the prediction, don’t worry, but nevertheless, for day 1, we can expect players from:

  • Belgium (No. 1 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Everton/Schalke/Levante/Bologna/Bordeaux (Teams that finished 12th in the 2019/20 Season)

For Day 1 of FUTMAS, we’re predicting a Thorgan Hazard from Belgium, and a Richarlison from Everton. Both cards would be rather desirable items, especially the Brazilian, and would kick FUTMAS off with a bang!

FUTMAS Day 2 Prediction

For Day 2 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • France (No. 2 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Southampton/Union Berlin/Athletic Bilbao/Parma/Strasbourg (Teams that finished 11th in the 2019/20 Season)

An Ousmane Dembele card (notice the RW position change), would be one of the more completed FUTMAS items throughout the promotion, given his meta links, 5* skills and 5* weak foot, we’d love to see him included. Gervinho could be an exciting, cheaper SBC released, covering the league finishes side of things with Parma.

FUTMAS Day 3 Prediction

For Day 3 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Brazil (No. 3 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Burnley/Hertha Berlin/Osasuna/Fiorentina/Angers (Teams that finished 10th in the 2019/20 Season)

Diego Carlos was one of the more meta CB options early on in FUT, and would no doubt be a very popular FUTMAS SBC, should he be released as the Brazilian option. For teams that finished 10th, the options weren’t the strongest, however we feel a Nick Pope SBC would be awesome given his meta status in FUT 21.

FUTMAS Day 4 Prediction

For Day 4 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • England (No. 4 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Sheffield Utd/Frankfurt/Valencia/Verona/Monaco (Teams that finished 9th in the 2019/20 Season)

For FUTMAS Day 4, we’ve tried to kick it up a notch. We feel Wan-Bissaka (although the plentiful options in RB in the Prem), would be a great SBC, although we could potentially see someone like Greenwood as well! Our favourite pick here though has to be Gelson Martins for Monaco who finished 10th in Ligue 1’s abandoned season last year, what a card he would be!

FUTMAS Day 5 Prediction

For Day 5 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Portugal (No. 5 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Arsenal/Freiburg/Getafe/Sassuolo/Montpellier (Teams that finished 8th in the 2019/20 Season)

Some cheaper SBCs for day 5 after the last 2 days of relatively expensive options. We’ve gone for Ruben Dias for Portugal, who could be a decent, affordable SBC after missing out on OTW and RTTF cards. For Freiburg who finished 8th in the Bundesliga last season, Christian Gunter would be an affordable, yet meta German LB option.

FUTMAS Day 6 Prediction

For Day 6 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Spain (No. 6 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Wolves/Wolfsburg/Granada/Napoli/Lyon (Teams that finished 7th in the 2019/20 Season)

Diving into FUTMAS Day 6, we’ve gone for a lower rated Spanish option in Morales, who looks to be an unreal card when given a boost to 84, and would like to the very popular Inaki Williams Rulebreaker SBC. For the league finishes, we decided to show Serie A some love, giving Insigne another boost, upgrading his shooting and passing a good amount.

FUTMAS Day 7 Prediction

For Day 7 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Uruguay (No. 7 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Spurs/Hoffenheim/Real Sociedad/Milan/Nice (Teams that finished 6th in the 2019/20 Season)

Day 7 has the potential to be an awesome day of FUTMAS, with Uruguay’s options in midfield including our pick Valverde, but also Bentancur. We decided that Lucas Moura would be an unbelievable selection for FUTMAS this year, given the lack of top level meta right sided attackers in FUT this year.

FUTMAS Day 8 Prediction

For Day 8 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Argentina (No. 8 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Leicester/Leverkusen/Villareal/Roma/Reims (Teams that finished 5th in the 2019/20 Season)

FUTMAS Day 8 could deliver some very intriguing cards, with Argentina under the spotlight. We chose Dybala for our prediction to get a high rated option in there, but there are plenty of options, with Tagliafico being a popular one for the Promes and Eredivisie links. For Villarreal finishing 5th, Coquelin could be an exciting option, who’d get a decent boost all the way up to an 85!

FUTMAS Day 9 Prediction

For Day 9 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Croatia (No. 9 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Chelsea/Gladbach/Sevilla/Lazio/Lille (Teams that finished 4th in the 2019/20 Season)

A couple of cheaper options in FUTMAS Day 9 to balance things out somewhat. Croatia is a difficult nation to select a player from, given Modric’s inclusion in FUTMAS last year. We went with Brozovic, being the next highest rated card, who could be good with the right boosts. For the 4th placed team selection, Pulisic from Chelsea looks to be a great shout!

FUTMAS Day 10 Prediction

For Day 10 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Colombia (No. 10 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • ManchesterUtd/Leipzig/Atletico Madrid/Atalanta/Rennes (Teams that finished 3rd in the 2019/20 Season)

Colombia is another of the nations that doesn’t have too much top tier talent, however, an Arias card with big boosts at Leverkusen could make for a solid RB option in the Bundesliga.

Now that we’re reaching clubs that finished in the top 3 in their leagues last season, it’s time to juice up the predictions, we reckon Martial could get into FUTMAS, and what a card he would be!

FUTMAS Day 11 Prediction

For Day 11 of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Mexico (No. 11 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Man City/Dortmund/Barcelona/Inter/Marseille (Teams that finished 2nd in the 2019/20 Season)

While we’d all love to see a Lozano card to represent Mexico, Raul Jimenez could be another spicy option in attack, with all 80+ in all card stats other than defending.

For the 2nd placed finish, we decided to choose Barcelona and give Sergino Dest a massive boost up to an 84, creating a meta RB option in La Liga that many would be interested to complete!


FUTMAS Day 12 Prediction

For the last day of FUTMAS, we can expect players from:

  • Italy (No. 12 Nation on FIFA Global Rankings)
  • Liverpool/Bayern/Real Madrid/Juventus/PSG (Teams that finished 1st in the 2019/20 Season)

Rounding off FUTMAS, we have 2 very desirable SBC selections in my opinion. Bernardeschi at an 85 for Italy would offer a mid-range, yet meta 5* skill option to link with the likes of Ronaldo.

For the title winner selection, we’ve gone with a choice from the European Champions Bayern, giving David Alaba his first special card of the year, taking him up to a very usable 86 CB item.