FIFA 21: How To Flick The Ball Up And Juggle On PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X And PC

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FIFA 21 goes into Early Access this Friday, and that means you can be on the pitch in a matter of hours.

As with every title, subtle changes will mean the game plays differently to FIFA 21.


If you're looking to score a stunning volley, it can often be easier to set yourself up for the shot, rather than relying on a cross.

Here's how.

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FIFA 21: How To Flick The Ball Up and Juggle

There are two ways of flicking the ball up, and both are 1 Star Skill Moves - meaning every player has access to them.


The first requires players to be stood more or less still, making it a tricky proposition with a defender breathing down your neck.

Still, all you need to do is hold L2 or LT and press R1 or RB.

Doing so will see your player flick the ball up, and each subsequent press of R1 or RB will keep it in the air - it's fun to show off with.

For added style, try holding R1 or RB while the ball is on the floor. This will result in a cooler trick, but with the same result.


The other option is a lot more useful on the move.

While it's easy to do, control-wise at least, it's something that takes practice to master.

When your player receives the ball, click the right thumbstick in. This will allow your player to lightly scoop the ball off of the ground.

Time it right, and you can hop over a defender's outstretched leg, or simply open up a little bit of space.


Of course, it can also tee you up for a thunderbolt of a strike!

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