FIFA 21 Will Not Offer EA Sports Football Catalogue

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FIFA 21 is coming on October 6, and also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X once they launch, but it'll be missing a long-running feature.

EA Sports Football Catalogue will be going away, with items from the catalogue moved around.


Here's what that means for you, according to EA's support page

EA Sports Football Catalogue Not Available In FIFA 21

While the catalogue has never been a huge draw (being tucked into the top right of the screen doesn't help things), it's always been quite nice to have a persistent EA Sports Football Club level that goes from game to game.

Thankfully, that side of things is sticking around, meaning players can still earn credits to increase their level.


On the other hand, you won't be able to unlock anything from the catalogue as you have been able to in the last few seasons.

Here's what's happening to each unlockable:

  • Boots and balls - available by default when released through Title Updates and activated by Server Release updates.
  • MLS All-Star Team/Adidas All-Star Team and Kits - available to everyone in Kick Off.
  • Online Seasons Win/Draw/Extra Match - available in the Online Seasons Menu, and can be redeemed once per Season with no total limit.
  • Financial Takeover - is a setup option when creating a new Career Mode save.
  • Career Mode Rematch - is part of the Manager Career Mode end of match experience as an option.
  • Scout Future Star - the item is no longer available but each Manager Career Mode save will feature a populated Youth Academy from the start.

EA also states that "other previously available Catalogue items, including the Manager/Player Career Focused Training, Co-Op Seasons Win/Draw/Extra Match, and International Manager Offer are not in FIFA 21".

If your credits are burning a hole in your pocket, you can spend them all in FIFA 20, or any of the earlier titles that support it.

In truth, while the catalogue was a neat idea, removing another spate of purchasable content is probably a smart move.


Will you miss the catalogue? Let us know in the comments below.

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