FIFA 21 Closed Beta Rumoured To Arrive Tomorrow, Friday 14th August

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Breaking news on the FIFA 21 Closed Beta front, with images emerging showing the beta on the Xbox Store!

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With these images emerging showing the Beta in store, this suggests that beta code emails are very close to being released, potentially coming tonight at 6pm UK!

It’s highly likely that we’ll see the Closed Beta commencing starting tomorrow (Friday August 14th) at 6pm UK, following a timeline similar to last year with FIFA 20.

Last year in FIFA 20, Beta Codes were released on Thursday August 8th at 6pm UK, before the beta commenced on Friday August 9th at 6pm UK, so the times heavily correlate across to FIFA 21.


How To Get a FIFA 21 Closed Beta Invite

In order to receive an invite, there are a number of criteria that you have to meet in order to increase your chances of receiving a beta code.

  • Opt in to receive EA emails. This can be done via the link here.
  • Be active on FIFA 20 or other EA titles. According to recent years, more active players in specific game modes are more likely to receive codes for beta testing.
  • Regions. In previous closed beta tests, codes have only been sent to FIFA users in Europe and the United States.

Closed Beta Invites & Registration

FIFA 21 Beta Invites, codes and registrations will be sent by email to select players in the regions stated above (unless changed from previous years.) An example of the email from FIFA 20’s closed beta can be found below.


Being a closed beta, only limited numbers of players will receive codes, so there is a chance that you may not receive one.

If you don’t receive one, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE CODES from accounts that are selling beta codes. Beta codes are linked only to the account they’re sent through to, meaning you won’t be able to use somebody else’s code on your own account.

At the start of the closed beta, if you receive a code, it’s likely that you’ll only be given access to specific modes that are stated in the email, such as Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Career Mode or Volta. It is worth noting though, that near the end of the closed beta, all modes are opened up to closed beta participants.