VfL Wolfsburg expand eSports roster

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VfL Wolfsburg sign David "DaveBTW" Bytheway!

As announced in May 2015, VfL Wolfsburg joined a growing list of names and businesses venturing into eSports, as they announced the acquisition of two professional FIFA players, Daniel ‘DaniTastic’ Fink and Benedict ‘Salz0r’ Salzer.

Yesterday, VfL Wolfsburg reiterated their dedication towards the eSports scene, as they revealed the latest addition to their roster, David "DaveBTW" Bytheway.


The signing is a result of a collaboration with Wolfsburg and eSports agency STARK, who David is a current member of. Speaking at the announcement of the acquisition, Director of Sport Klaus Allofs stated:

"We recognise E-Sport as being important and want to be a leader amongst Bundesliga clubs in this area. Our goal is to create a binding connection between real football and the digital version. FIFA is becoming more and more realistic from year to year and it enjoys great resonance amongst the professional players and fans alike".

David sent out a tweet, full of hope that 2016 will be a brilliant year for eSports and the promise his signing brings.

This is a massive step for eSports and FIFA. The potential competitive gaming has is far beyond what we can predict.
— David Bytheway (@DaveBtwFIFA)
January 19, 2016

Salz0r and DaveBTW, a well as representing the team, will be providing live-streams of the training sessions and also making themselves available for events with the VfL fans. Currently DaveBTW is due to compete at Gfinity Cup and the ESL Go 4 Cup. Salz0r will represent the Wolves at DreamHack FIFA in Leipzig and in qualification for the Virtuellen Bundesliga (VBL).


DaveBTW came in second place at the World Championships in Rio in 2014 and competed as the English finalist at FIWC in 2015, and Salz0r is a four times German FIFA Champion.

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