Roma FNATIC win the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's FIFA 19, becomes first ever back to back champions

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They have done it again!

AS Roma Fnatic had a rough start in the competition, but they have become champions once again! After being Gfinity's first ever FIFA champions, when the Elite Series adopted FIFA 18, they have now become the only champions to defend their title!

How did it all went down in the FIFA 19 Grand Finals? Let's check out the results...



QF1: exceL vs Roma Fnatic

The evening’s festivities opened with the defending champs, Fnatic, facing exceL. With the 2 games being judged on aggregate - every goal counted. Fnatic wasted no time putting 4 past excel on their weaker console. By the 2nd half of the PS4 leg exceL faced an uphill struggle, with 5 goals needed to remain in contention. Morale broken, the final scoreline was 8-1 and Fnatic were through to the Semis.

QF2: Hashtag United vs Method

Crowd favourites, Hashtag, faced relative underdogs, Method, in quarter final 2. After a tense, goalless first half - a lucky deflection gives Method the lead. The 2nd half opens up with thrilling end to end play as goals are met with instant rebuttals from each side. Method tuck away one more in the 81st minute and take game 1.Ryan and Shawreyy step up for game 2 - tasked with winning by two clear goals to remain in contention (due to the away goal rule). The two teams were neck and neck but Hashtag start to look scrappy as their elimination looms. Method stay steadfast and win 3-2 on aggregate.

SF1: Envy vs Method

Method, fresh of the back of a huge performance against Hashtag, meet the dominant group-winning spectre of Envy in the first semi final of the evening. Big words are exchanged and both sides look confident. It is Method, however, perhaps having warmed up on stage with their scrap with Hashtag - who take game 1 with a whopping 4 goals to nil.In game 2 Envy begin to crumble under the pressure as Method, once again, remain resolute and dangerous. Envy’s play gets more and more ragged as elimination looms - even incurring a red card toward the end of the match. Final score: 8-2


SF2: Manchester City Epsilon vs Roma Fnatic

Method are granted a brief respite as semi final 2 is decided. The unofficial final to many, semi final 2 saw defending champs Fnatic take on the utterly unstoppable, unbeaten Epsilon / Man City. An incredible game of near misses, posts, crossbars and edge of the seat play leaves the Mac City win record tarnished with it’s first defeat, 1-0 Fnatic.Game 2 continues in much the same vein with a flurry of chances and narrowly missed opportunities. Some breathtaking saves ensure a final score, aggregate score of 2-1 and Fnatic are through to face Method in the grand final.

Grand Final: Roma Fnatic vs Method

In a true David and Goliath matchup, Roma Fnatic and Method faced off in the Elite Series final. Now back to a more traditional best of 3 format the audience were gifted to some incredibly high energy, high skill play form the very first whistle. Fnatic secure the first game in it’s dying moments 2-1. Game 2 showed the first real cracks in Method’s resolve as they fell 0-2 going in the first half. Things looked bleak as a loss at this stage would mean the end of the competition. Showing guts and determination they pulled back 2 to level the scoreline once again. Extra time is played and finally penalties. Method breeze through into a deciding final game…Game 3 saw Method finally run out of steam. Having fought tooth and nail for their spot in the finals it was the wisened defending champs who showed they had the pace and resolve to dominate the main stage. The final blow fell in the 86th minute with a 3rd goal from Fnatic, the final whistle blew shortly after.

With the win, Roma Fnatic defends their championship title and continues creating their Gfinity FIFA legacy!

The Gfiniy Elite Series will be back tomorrow with the SFV Grand Finals, LIVE at 5 PM GMT!