Meet the Gfinity Summer Series Champions

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So the Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 is firmly in the rear-view mirror – sad face – and we now have several months until Season 4 kicks off in the autumn. What's Gfinity to do in the meantime? Well rest assured, we've got plenty of competitions to fill your summer months of playing – and today we're going to run down the results of our most recent tournament, the Gfinity Summer Series.



Played across the same three games as featured in our Elite Series – Street Fighter V, FIFA 18 and Rocket League – these free-for-all contests featured a great mix of Elite Series veterans and new talent who could be announcing themselves as potential Challenger Series standouts when that series resumes in a few months. And all playing for some seriously tasty cash prizes. With that in mind, let's take a look at the Summer Series cup winners:



Xbox One: Beast Tekkerz


PS4: LostInTheWavesz


The common theme of our FIFA 18 Summer Series was of players drafted to Elite Series teams but not getting a chance to show what they could do in the Gfinity Arena, taking the chance to smash home the goals and remind the world of what they can offer. That's true for both of our cup winners – Xbox One winner Beast Tekkerz was an unused draft pick for Nordavind in Elite Series Season 3, and PS4 champ LostInTheWavez was a bench player for Envy. With a lot of top FIFA players from the European scene competing in tournaments like the EA Sports Global Series Playoffs in Amsterdam at the moment, our Summer Series was a great platform for those players waiting in the wings to demonstrate their skills – congrats to both Tekkerz and Wavez, and we look forward to seeing them continue this white-hot form in the next Challenger Series.



Rocket League: FairyyPeak


I know, you're all really shocked to see this man winning a Gfinity Rocket League tournament. FairyyPeak wins a tournament – in other news, water is wet. Our Elite Series Season 3 champion with Vitality is showing no signs of slowing down as he bounced between several teams this Summer Series, appearing most frequently with the excellently-named Get Wigglytuff'd alongside Mout and Neqzo, and dominating every time he rolled out onto the pitch. Appropriately, he and Get Wigglytuff'd were involved in the very last Summer Series cup final up against the Hola Que Tal squad of Elite Series veterans Metsanauris, Tigree and Yukeo in a match that went the distance and featured a staggering 24 goals. He may have lost that particular battle, but FairyyPeak more than won the war to clinch the Summer Series trophy.



Street Fighter V: Hurricane


After former Elite Series champions exceL crashed out of Season 3 in the quarter-finals, some people dared to raise question marks about the invincible lineup of Brian, Infexious and Hurricane. Were they a team on the decline?



Seems like Hurricane has provided us with the answer – not a chance.


The ice-cold veteran was back to his formidable best in Summer Series competition, defeating fellow Elite Series alumni like ImStillDaDaddy, Atrosh and Broski in the process. Thanks to various tweaks in the Season 3 and 3.5 patches, we know just how formidable and top-tier the Cammy character is in current SFV play – and combine her with a fully firing Hurricane back to his best, and this result was frankly a foregone conclusion.



So that's the Summer Series tackled, what next? Good question, and we've got the answer – the Gfinity CS:GO Spring Series is on deck and coming your way very soon! Team registrations are now open at at discounted early bird prices, with preseason commencing on June 10th and the tournament getting underway on July 1st – and our teams playing for a whopping $50,000 prize pool across all divisions.

Get your squad together and get involved and stay tuned for more tournaments coming soon!