Joksan is the PS4 Champion of the Gfinity FIFA 18 US Spring Cup!

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The Gfinity FIFA 2018 Spring Cup US Live esports Finals at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort has it’s PS4 Champion!




Seven PS4 FIFA 18 players entered the ESPN Wide World of Sports arena this Sunday looking to secure a spot at the FIFA 18 Global Playoffs in Amsterdam.

The night was filled with action packed and back and forth matches between some of NA’s best Playstation gamers, and included two epic comebacks in the first two matches.

Let’s look back at how it all went down in the PS4 Tournament which saw Mexican-American player Joksan emerge as the big winner!



The First Elimination Matches



The first match of the day was between UZ13L vs arsenalgoal11.

After a shy start from UZ13L, arsenalgoal11 was able to take the lead and keep it for most of the game. When it all seemed as if it was going to end 5-4 in arsenal’s favor, UZ13L managed to capitalize in a couple of mistakes made by his opponent and scored two late goals that put him through to the Semi Finals with a final score of 6-5 in his favor.

The second match of the day played in similar fashion, as the well known player PersianKing10 was two goals ahead of player xbleu for most of the match.

Xbleu was also able to take advantage of small errors made by PersianKing and closed the game with a 7-5 score.

Two major comebacks in two very competitive matches that made everyone watching very excited to see what the rest of the night had to offer!

The third and final elimination match was between rein10 and New York City FC pro player Didychrislito. It was also a very competitive and back and forth match, which saw both players taking the lead at different moments, but ultimately it was Didychrislito who went through with an aggregate score of 4-3.



The Semi Finals


Didychrislito did not have much time to enjoy his victory, as he was almost immediately up to face player Joksan, who was making his first match of the night. Joksan is well known in the NA scene and has been a Top 32 Player in the eWorld Cup S2.

Joksan quickly showed why he is currently one of the best FIFA players in the US and defeated his experienced foe after imposing his will throughout the game. Final Score: 4-2

In the second semi final of the night, UZ13L took on xbleu. This time however, there were no epic comebacks…

Xbleu opened the advantage early in the first leg and kept control for most of the game. UZ13L managed to score some late goals in the final minutes, but it was just a little too late for him. 8-6 was the final score that sent xbleu through to the finals.




The Grand Finals


With a spot at the Amsterdam FIFA 18 Global Playoffs on the line, xbleu took on the dangerous Joksan.

As the match started, Joksan was able to quickly steal the ball and score a goal, but xbleu fought back and the match became very competitive.

Xbleu put on a valiant effort and was ahead in the score at a certain point in time, but it was just not meant to be for him on this day. Joksan managed to rally back and took the W with an aggregate final score of 4-3.


Joksan got the NA PS4 Spring Cup Championship title and the prize of $7,500 and his place in the FIFA eWorld Cup.

With the Cup now over, the Gfinity FIFA 18 US Spring Cup champions from Xbox and PS4 can be seen at the Fifa eWorld Cup Playoffs in Amsterdam!