Inaugural ePL champion to be crowned at Gfinity Arena

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In October 2018 Gfinity entered into an agreement with the Premier League to design, develop and deliver the inaugural ePremier League (ePL).

On Friday March 29th one of the 20 Premier League clubs will be crowned ePL Champion at the Gfinity Arena. After an action packed group stage, we said goodbye to 10 clubs on both Xbox and Playstation - the remaining 10, from each console, would move on to the knockout stage.

Here are the remaining contestants:



Crystal Palace (Damie)Manchester United (Kyle Leese)Chelsea (Jas)Cardiff City (Luke)Manchester City (Deto)Huddersfield Town (Jordan Croft)Southampton (Venny)Arsenal (Papssity)


Manchester City (BattleCat)Arsenal (Tass)Tottenham Hotspur (Lyricz30)Fulham (SCPDiogo)Southampton (Rusher7)Liverpool (F2Tekkz)Manchester United (Jonesy17FIFA)Bournemouth (Marc Marley)

It will be broadcast live on Sky TV and Facebook, and be supported across all of the Premier League’s social channels. It has been an exciting journey from the on-line qualification process through to each club’s live knockout finals to find their Playstation and Xbox representatives.

You can watch the live streams on TwitchFacebook or Youtube