In The Spotlight: Eisvogel

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20 quick-fire questions with Envy's virtuosic FIFA 18 pro and Elite Series semi-finalist: Eisvogel


On Becoming an Esports Pro...



When did you go Pro?

1 year ago 

How old were you? What year was it?

18 - 2017

What was the first game you became a pro at?



What made you want to be a pro gamer?

The fact you can earn your living while doing something you would do in your sparetime 

Do your parents support your life choice?

Yes, they helped me a lot. I don‘t think I could have done it without them

What is your favorite game besides the one you play?

Probably COD



The Elite Series...


What do you think about the Elite Series?

It‘s an amazing opportunity for talented challengers to go pro. And also a great tournament for pros 

Who was the toughest challenge so far?

In the Elite Series, it was Damie 

What does “team” mean to you?


It‘s really important, altough you play FIFA like 95% alone, I think it‘s necessary to support each other to be succesful.

What would you do if you win this S3?

Would be another fantastic milestone in my life.


FIFA 18...


Why did you FIFA 18?


I‘m really intrested in any kind of football, so I started to play it and I enjoyed

What makes it interesting for you?

I always try to improve, that‘s my biggest motivation 

Which other FIFA games have you played?

My first FIFA was FIFA 07, so all from there 

Who are the key players to have on your team?

There are a lot of key players in my team, I‘d go with Messi, CR7 and Ramos