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Due to the popularity of this season of the EU Challenger Series, from Monday 22nd January we must unfortunately restrict the tournament to EU-based players only.

Whilst we understand the frustration this must cause for our global players, we have been working hard on something special for you. We are excited to announce this very soon so stay please tuned for more information.


We’re very sorry to have to make this change during the season, and appreciate the trouble it will cause our players outside of Europe. Please look forward to our next announcement which will detail more of our plans for players around the world.

Please note this affects only the EU-based Challenger Series. Gfinity AU tournaments are unaffected.

The Challenger Series is an online series held in the games FIFA18, Rocket League and Street Fighter V. Players can sign up and enter tournaments here.




• What will happen to non-EU players on the G-points leaderboard? Non-EU players will unfortunately not be eligible for the Elite Draft, and their position in the table will be given to the next highest-ranking player

• Will non-EU players who have placed in tournaments so far still receive prize money? Yes. We will honour all prizes and winnings for tournaments played before 19/1/18. Unfortunately from Monday, prize money will be available for European players only.

• How will non-EU players be prevented from entering? We are working on a geoblocking solution. Any player that suspects their opponent is using a VPN or is not based in the EU should contact an admin or submit a report using the tools on