From Bedroom to Podium: Interview with Roma Rannerz

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Conrad Tobin a.k.a Rannerz broke into the world of esports through the Gfinity Challenger Series Delivered by Domino's. He did so by merely playing FIFA 18 from his bedroom and being good at it.

After making an impression in the competition, Rannerz got drafted by Roma FNATIC and played side by side with Roma Zimme in the Gfinity Elite Series. His failry tale journey continued later in that same season he became the first EVER Elite Series champion in FIFA 18, beating pro gaming giants UNILAD esports. All of that in a period of roughly six months (!)


Having recently renewed his contract with Roma FNATIC and going full time with his esports career, the young Irish player sat down with Gfinity for a quick one on one and answered a few questions on his journey from bedroom to podium!

1. How happy are you with your 2018 season so far, and your progress from Challenger Series draft to Elite Series champion? 

R: I’ve had a great first year for sure topped off by winning the Gfinity elite series, but for me this is just the start.

2. You recently posted an old tweet of yours from early 2017 where you seemed disillusioned with competitive FIFA. What changed, and what was the impetus to stick with it and keep playing? 


The love of the game coupled with the hunger to improve and win. I know there’s no shortcuts and fully believed if I put in the work I would get to the level I have since achieved. 

3. What advice would you give to players in Challenger who want to attract the attention of big franchises? 

Make sure you qualify for other events as well and make yourself an ideal prospect for teams in the Gfinity Elite Series and don’t forget to keep your social media in check, that means be active and professional.

4. Talk about the process of being drafted to FNATIC. What was it like, and how long did it take to sink in that you'd been drafted by one of the world's major esports juggernauts?


I was initially stunned, the hard work had paid off but yet at the same time was just beginning, whilst I had got my foot in the door, it was a temporary contract and I was far from being their starter. It was the best motivation I could receive, that coupled with how FNATIC go about doing stuff is just on another level, you can feel the level of professionalism in their work and how they help you as a player.

5. Going into Elite Series Season 3, what were your expectations in terms of amount of games played and what you wanted to achieve?

I was just hoping for my chance, my manager had told me when I joined that I would get to play week 2. After Poacher lost to Pricey week 1, I knew if I beat Fully I’d have a chance of getting that starting spot and the rest is history 

6. How did your debut appearance in Elite Series come about, and did you have an inkling that it wouldn't be a one-off?


I had practiced so long for that moment, I gave it my all and knew I could reproduce that performance throughout the tournament

7. You and Zimme made for a phenomenal team throughout the Elite Series. How much of an impact did having Zimme for a teammate have on you, in terms of confidence and what you learned?

I think as soon as we met we connected as friends and teammates. We both believed in each other so we knew if one of us lost or had a poor game that the other player could still pull it off or when Zimme won 6-1 his postivity just made me player even better as I then went on to win my game 6-0.

8. With FIFA 19 being announced at E3, how do you think it will affect the FIFA esports scene and the play styles of top players going forward into a new game?


No idea since I haven’t played it.

9. What is your best advice for players coming into Challenger Series hoping to get drafted? 

 Same as question 3



You can catch more of Roma Rannerz and keep up with what is going on in his career by following him on Twitter: @Rannerz_

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