FIFA Mobile adds new FUT Icons, including Nesta, Eusebio, Kaka and more on iOS and Android

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FIFA Mobile is bringing in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Icons, and that means you'll be able to earn some of the world's best players as part of a new Icons event.

Wondering who's joining the party, and how to get them? We've got the full rundown below.


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What FUT Icons are coming to FIFA Mobile?

Here are the players joining the ranks of FUT Mobile, and it's quite the lineup. The number in brackets is the player's overall score.

  • Nesta (99)
  • Eusébio (97)
  • Baresi (95)
  • Kaká (94)
  • Gerrard (93)
  • van Nistelrooy (92)
  • Blanc (91)
  • Overmars (90)
  • Makélélé (89)
  • Scholes (88)
  • Klose (87)
  • Rui Costa (86)
  • Hernández (85)

If you're wondering how to add them to your team, EA's latest blog post says the following:


"Each Aspect Point group has a Minor and Major Squad Building Challenge that rewards Skill Boosts, Icon Points, and a specific Aspect Point. Each Minor rewards 150 Skill Boosts, 2 Aspect Points and 10 Icon Points. Each Major rewards 500 Skill Boosts, 10 Aspect Points and 50 Icon Points."

"The difficulty and requirements of the minor challenges are less stringent than the major challenges. Complete these SBCs and collect all the points necessary to claim an Icon! Minor/Major SBCs refresh with new challenges every week."

Nesta is a little bit different – you'll need to submit 11 icons in a Squad Building Challenge with at least 93 OVR. You won't be able to keep these players, so be sure you know who you're trading in!