FIFA 21: How To Tell If It's A Walkout

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FIFA 21 is bringing back Ultimate Team in a big way and as always packs will be the big focus for players.

Like past years, there's a big tell on what you're going to get before the pack is revealed.


The pack opening cinematic gives a tell on what's about to come out.

Here's how to spot if it's a walkout.

How To Tell If You've Got A Walkout In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

When opening a pack, the doors will open with a bunch of fluorescent lights stacked on either side of the opening.


If you take a look at the third light in from the left, you can see one isn't glowing.

This means that you have a walkout.

Photo via @_FUTFans_


How To Tell If You've Got Boards In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You'll know instantly if you've got a rare gold card coming your way or not based on the gold lines that outline the top left and bottom right of the pack.

If these are not there, you will only get a common gold card - so you can skip the pack knowing that nothing will come your way.


Photo via @_FUTFans_

Nothing specific so far determines whether you will get a boards card, but you can rest assured you'll know when an inform or high rated card arrives.