FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: All FUT Stadium Customisation Options in FUT 21

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A big new feature coming to FUT in FIFA 21 is FUT Stadium, a feature that allows players to customise their stadium with 34 different options, creating their own unique home for their Ultimate Team.

With 34 customisable areas, split up across 4 categories, here is the full list of areas you’ll be able to change and customise in FUT Stadium in FUT 21!


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FUT Stadium, FUT Challenger Stadium & FUT Champions Stadium

You’ll start Ultimate Team by unlocking the FUT Stadium. A modern design inspired by many of the world’s greatest grounds, FUT Stadium will be the first home for your newly created football club.

With the FUT Challengers Stadium expansion, your stadium will grow in capacity, giving you even more ways to customize, with additional placement options in your stadium for Tifos and trophies, as well as some new ways to customize with mow patterns and goal paint.

As your club continues to grow and you complete objectives across Ultimate Team, you will find yourself ready to upgrade again to the FUT Champions Stadium, the largest expansion available for your stadium, and the default stadium for play in all FUT Champions matches.

Match Day


The Match Day items will seem very familiar to veteran FUT players, including base club items such as badges, balls and kits, with a couple of new additions

  • Badge - Your club crest shown in-game and on the menus
  • Ball
  • Home Kit 
  • Away Kit
  • Player Celebration - The default player celebration used for players that don’t have default celebrations set.
  • Goal Song - The song that will be played in the stadium when your team scores a goal (only available during home matches)
  • Club Nickname - Your club’s nickname that will be used by commentators.


This section refers specifically to the crowds, flags and stands customisation within your stadium, to provide the atmosphere on match days.

  • Stadium Theme - These are the various flags and banners that will be draped from the stands on match days.
  • Home End TIFO
  • Crowd Chants - Chants crowds will make at various point in the game
  • Club Anthem - The chants made at the start of the game by the crowd.
  • Main Stand Lower TIFO
  • Background TIFO 
  • Away End TIFO
  • Main Stand Center TIFO
  • Animated TIFO
  • Main Stand Right TIFO
  • Main Stand Left TIFO
  • Broadcast Stand TIFO


This section refers to the various trophies that you’ll be able to place around the sidelines of the pitch, highlighting your achievements throughout the year.

  • Main Stand Right Trophy
  • Home End Left Trophy
  • Main Stand Left Trophy
  • Main Stand Center R Trophy
  • Home End Right Trophy
  • Main Stand Center L Trophy
  • Away End Left Trophy
  • Away End Right Trophy



This section is the main bulk of your stadium, where you can change the stadium colour, seat colour, pyrotechnics, goal colours and more!

  • Stadium Paint Colour - The colour of the stairs and structural aspects of the stands
  • Seat Colour
  • Goal Pyrotechnics - The flame/confetti/fireworks cannons behind the goal that go off when a home goal is scored.
  • Stadium - Allows you to choose between the FUT Stadium, FUT Challengers Stadium and FUT Champions Stadium.
  • Goal Colours - The colour of the goal nets.
  • Pitch Patterns
  • Pitch Line Colours