FIFA 21: Division Rivals And FUT Champions Changes Leaked

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Now that the cat is out of the bag for FIFA 21, leaks are starting to trickle through about what's coming in next year's FUT.

Specifically, leaks are starting to emerge regarding FUTs biggest modes: Division Rivals and FUT Champions.


While they are popular with most players, they have had their fair share of criticism from players in their structure.

That could be about to change in FUT 21.

Division Rivals Changes

According to @FUT21BetaLeaks, Division Rivals will now cap players at 40 games - meaning their rank will be determined within the first 40 games.


Players will still be able to play games to earn more Skill Points and FUT Champions points, but they will not help improve your rank for rewards.

It certainly benefits those with less time to continuously grind away to gain points and reach the top rank rewards.

@FUTDonk has also mentioned that points are capped.



FUT Champions Changes

@FUTDonk has also revealed to us that the Weekend League will be extended to feature the top 200 players rather than just 100.

In many occasions, players were missing out on important rewards and even qualifying for major tournaments due to finishing just outside the top 100 with very high records.


It now means there is a bit of room to drop a result without being too harshly punished in the process, as can be the case when no loss glitches and server disconnects still seem to loom.