FIFA 21: New Icons Revealed Early? Will Eric Abidal And Lilian Thuram Come To FIFA 20?

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Yesterday, for the first time ever, EA released a brand new Icon (that wasn't previously listed) into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - Riquelme.

In celebration of the CONMEBOL Libertadores DLC, we were presented with Riquelme, who came with a Prime Icon and Icon Moments cards.


But there may be more on the way and we may get an idea of what icons will arrive in FIFA 21!

TWO New Icons Found

Well known FUT website and notorious data miner FUT Watch seems to have found TWO new icons in the game's code that may indicate at future icon releases.

Off the back of Title Update #12, that released yesterday, FUT Watch began to poke around the code and found icon data for Eric Abidal and Lilian Thuram.


"I was just poking around the code and found icon data for Eric Abidal and Lilian Thuram. I don't know how long they've been there though and I have no idea if they'll ever be released"

Another user @imSeanFUT1 also commented on the fact that Vidic was there from the start but hasn't been released.

Perhaps this has something to do with the rapidly approaching UEFA European Football Championship this summer?

While he did not provide any evidence of the game's code, it's safe to assume this is legit.



Who Are The Two New Icons?

Eric Abidal

Eric Abidal is a French defender who spent a large portion of his career at Lyon and Barcelona.


During a career that saw him make over 300 appearances, Abidal won 18 titles in this time.

At an international level, he finished second with France at the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008.


Lilian Thuram


Lilian Thuram is also a French defender who spent ten seasons in Serie A, playing for Parma and Juventus.

During his time in Italy, he won seven trophies.

He was also a key component in the French national team as they went on to win the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000.