FIFA 21: All New Confirmed Icons For FUT 21 & Ratings

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FIFA 21 will once again add new icons to the game and their player ratings have finally been revealed.

12 new icons will join FUT this year, bringing the total to 101!


So how do these legends of the game stack up compared to what we already have?

There's a lot of names that most fans will be familiar with and have been pleading EA to see added in, but do they live up to expectations?

FIFA 21 New Icons

Eric Cantona - 93 CF

One of the few confirmed ratings for FUT 21 - the King is back boasting an 88 for his early moments card, 90 for late moments and 93 for his Prime card; all with CF positions.


With Cantona featuring in the FIFA 21 Trailer this year and many considering him as the ‘marquee’ Icon for the new season, he's going to be on everyone's wishlist.

There’s no doubt he’ll be a top tier card in FUT, with all the necessary attributes needed for an attacking player, with technical ability, strength and skill all rolled into one!

Petr Čech - 91 GK

The Chelsea legend will add some depth to the relatively low list of goalkeeper icons available in FUT.

The Czech with the helmet has secured an 86 for his early moments card, 88 for his late moments card and 91 for his prime.


Ashley Cole - 89 LB

Some consider Ashley Cole to be the best LB to grace the Premier League at both Arsenal and Chelsea.

Interestingly, Ashley has only been given an 89 rated Prime card (which when leaked, many assumed to be his middle card). He's also secured an 85 early moments and 87 late moments card.

There's no doubt these are great cards, it's a bit off in our opinion.

Samuel Eto’o - 93 ST


The lightning-quick Cameroonian will cause havoc for defences next year in FUT, with what’s set to be one of the quickest cards next year.

As expected, due to his heavy advertisement in the build-up, Eto'o has received a stunning 92 rated Prime card. His 87 early moments and 90 late moments cards are just as mouthwatering.

Philipp Lahm - 91 RB

Philipp Lahm's glittered career has translated into his card, despite not getting a 93 rated card as we expected.

Lahm has secured an 87 left back card for hi early moments card, 89 CDM for late moments and 91 RB for his prime card.


Surely in contention for being the best RB of all time, we would have expected to see Lahm get a higher rated Prime Icon card for FUT 21.

While not the fastest, his intelligence on the pitch should translate into a truly iconic card next year.

Ferenc Puskás - 94 ST

Easily one of the greatest forwards to play the game, and with Alfredo Di Stefano was part of one of the greatest attacking forces ever in football.

The Hungarian is easily the highest rated card this year, with a 94 rated prime icon card. He has also banked himself an 89 rated early moments card and a special 92 rated ST card for his late moments.


Bastian Schweinsteiger - 91 CM

Big Bastian will certainly be one of the younger generations, with the German tank in midfield being a fan favourite for many.

Schweinsteiger gets a well-rounded 91 rated Prime Icon card, with insane passing stats, good defending and a rocket of a long shot. He also has a left position for his 87 early moments card, while his late moments card gets an 89 rating.

Fernando Torres - 91 ST

Torres has the potential to be one of the more meta icon additions in this list, with blistering pace, brilliant finishing in and around the box, as well as the likely addition of 4-star skills and weak foot.


Grabbing his more affordable 85 rated early moments card could prove deadly in the early stages of the game, with a big upgrade coming in for his 88 rated late moments card.

We’ll certainly be picking up his 91 rated prime card for our past and present Liverpool team this year!

Nemanja Vidic - 90 CB

The big Serbian is surely going to be one of the top Icon CBs next year in FUT 21, assuming that he’s given a decent pace rating

After a strong partnership with Rio Ferdinand in real life, we can now put the two together with his 90 rated prime card.


We may see a lot of teams sport his 85 early moments card due to the big pace difference between that and his 88 late moments card.

Xavi - 93 CM

The little magician in midfield is one of the best of the recent decade, and despite his short stature, could be one of the best CMs in FUT 21 with his agility, dribbling and passing range.

While his 93 rated prime card looks good on paper, it may not make it long term in the FUT meta. His 88 early moments and 90 late moments cards are also unlikely to stand the test of time.


Davor Šuker - 90 ST

Having previously featured as an 88 rated legend in previous editions of FUT, it's no surprise to see Davor Suker return with a 90 rated prime icon.

There's no much difference between all of the cards, with minimal upgrades present the higher-rated he gets. However, he could make for an incredible CF and his 85 rated early moments and 87 late moments cards could be bargains in the early stages of this year.