FIFA 21 Agile Dribbling Guide: How To Do Agile Dribbling, Tips And Tricks, Skill Gap Changes And More

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The FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer has dropped, with a 6000+ word pitch notes article covering all the gameplay changes that will be arriving in FIFA 21!

One of the major new features announced in the trailer was Agile Dribbling, a brand new way to keep close control of the ball in FIFA 21.

In this Deep Dive look into this new gameplay feature, we’ll be covering:

  • All the new feature details and gameplay changes
  • Controls and how to perform the new agile dribbling moves
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Impacts on the Skill Gap in FIFA 21

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What Is Agile Dribbling?

Agile Dribbling is a “brand new way to keep close control of the ball in FIFA 21.” This new feature is intended to give players the ability to quickly move the ball from side to side when in a 1v1 situation against a defender, before creating space and exploding past tackles in attacking areas.

As you can see from the video above, these moves will be key in beating defenders, and certainly makes dribbling balanced against the notoriously overpowered Jockey mechanic. 

All in all, agile dribbling is a system that is far more explosive, agile and fluid than previous iterations, and will allow for more balanced attack vs defence situations.


How To Perform Agile Dribbling

Agile Dribbling is performed by holding R1/RB while moving the Left Stick. 

While performing agile dribbling, you’ll notice the player moving the ball with rapid and precise touches, from side to side, back to front, depending on your precise controller inputs. 

It’s worth noting that every player in the game can perform agile dribbling, however players with higher Dribbling, Agility, Reactions and Ball Control attributes will be able to complete these moves quicker, with greater precision, while keeping the ball close to their feet.

Agile Dribbling Tips & Tricks

While we’ll have to wait until we get our hands on FIFA 21 to fully understand how we can best implement Agile Dribbling into our attacking moves, we can begin to get an idea as to where it’ll be best served on the pitch.

Given that Dribbling, Agility, Reactions and Ball Control attributes are key in executing Agile Dribbling to a high standard, players such as Neymar, Bernardo Silva and Wissam Ben Yedder will be the sort of players you’ll want to get your hands on to fully utilise the potential of this new feature!



In terms of areas in which we’d be looking to really utilise Agile Dribbling, it’d mainly be in 2 different scenarios:

Scenario 1: When in wide areas with tricky wingers, utilise Agile Dribbling to create and exploit a 1v1 against a full back, aiming to get to the byline for a cross into the box

Scenario 2: In and around the edge of the box with agile attackers, especially those with high Weak Foot, utilise Agile Dribbling to wrong-foot defenders, to create space for a shot on goal, or a pass into another attacker.


Agile Dribbling - Impacts on the FIFA 21 Skill Gap

From the early videos and clips we’ve seen, Agile Dribbling definitely looks like a feature that will have an impact on the highest level of FIFA gameplay, especially in FUT eSports!

With these new dribbling mechanics greatly bridging the gap between the overpowered defensive Jockeying mechanics, we can’t wait to see how top players will be able to utilise quick dribbling to break down the notorious park the bus defences.

With more decisive 1v1 situations, Agile Dribbling should really separate the wheat from the chaff and add another level to the FIFA meta that the best players will be able to exploit!