FIFA 20: Winter Ones To Watch Promo Preview: Expected Content, Offers and Release Date

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We’re well into the January Transfer Window, which means that it’s time to look ahead to not only the Winter Upgrades but the Winter Ones to Watch in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

With a number of high profile transfers confirmed, and some still rumoured, Winter Ones to Watch is set to be packed with exciting new live cards, as well as SBC content and other objectives.


To find out how Ones to Watch cards upgrade in FUT 20, you can check out our article from the Summer Ones to Watch release.

Read on to find: 

  • Expected Release Dates
  • All expected content, from the Winter Ones to Watch squad, to SBCs and Pack offers.

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When are Winter Ones to Watch cards coming to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

Last year in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, Winter Ones to Watch was released around February 15th. This year, I’d expect a similar release date, around Friday February 14th. This would account for the Headliners promotion, and the Future Stars Promotion to come beforehand, with Winter Ones to Watch coming soon after both promotions expire, and the January Transfer Window passes.


Winter Ones To Watch Expected Content

During the Winter Ones to Watch promotion, we can expect a tonne of content in FUT, including:

  • Winter Ones to Watch Team
  • OTW Player SBCs
  • Pack SBCs
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs
  • Winter OTW Weekly Objectives
  • Packs and Lightning Rounds


Winter Ones To Watch Team

The Winter OTW team will be the main feature of the promotion, featuring a 23-man squad of the biggest transfers from the January transfer window, as well as some transfers featuring promising young talents in world football.


It’s worth noting, that Winter Ones to Watch items will be released at the highest rating of any previously released performance based upgrade (i.e. TOTW/MOTM/Hero/TOTT), or the regular card, if he hasn’t received one.

Below is last years’ FIFA 19 Winter Ones to Watch team! We’ll be getting out a Winter Ones To Watch Prediction once the January Transfer Window has wrapped up.

Ones To Watch Player SBCs

Expect multiple Winter OTW Player SBCs, similar to what we saw in the Summer OTW promotion, when we received Quincy Promes and Saint-Maximin, with the latter being a community voted choice through a player pick system.

Pack SBCs

Pack SBCs will feature, similar to the Summer OTW Promo, likely featured around players transferring between teams, making for some possible investment opportunities around high profile transfers.


Repeatable Upgrade SBCs

Despite not seeing any repeatable upgrade SBCs in the first OTW promo of FUT 20, I’d expect to see them in the Winter OTW edition. We’ve seen a tonne of repeatable SBCs featuring during recent promotions, such as the double 81+, I’d expect this to return, as well as maybe a repeatable Ones to Watch SBC.

Weekly Objectives

We saw OTW Ndombele released during the Summer OTW promotion in Weekly Objectives, I’d expect another OTW card to be available via gameplay objectives for the Winter OTW promo.

Packs and Lightning Rounds

Being a FUT Promotion, expect packs to be sold throughout, and a few lightning rounds throughout peak times in FUT, i.e. weekends from 6-8pm UK.



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Be sure to come back on February 1st for a full Winter Ones To Watch Prediction!

Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading