FIFA 20 Ultimate Team UCL Team Of The Group Stage: Group Stage Players, Release Date, SBCs And More In FUT 20

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team's latest promo focuses on the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League as it brings players the first Team of the Tournament squad - The Team of the Group Stage!

EA surprised fans on the 5th December via Twitter, with the promo going live at 6pm on the 6th December 2019.


Just as many players are gearing up for FUTMAS and the imminent November POTM SBC, EA has dropped a bombshell like this.

Here's everything you need to know about the Team of the Tournament Group Stage promo.

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UCL Team of The Group Stage Squad

The Team of the Group Stage team has been released into packs until 6pm on Friday December 13th, and what a stacked team it is! With 9 cards being given a rating of 90 or higher, there are tonnes of top tier meta cards that will make it into people’s teams. Here are a few key points to note regarding the TOTGS team:

  • These are NOT Live cards. Despite looking similar to the Road to the Final cards, these Team of the Group Stage items will not upgrade as the UCL progresses
  • I’d expect the best buy time for these cards to be either Sunday evening UK time (i.e. when people sell off WL teams and there are the fewest buyers in the market), or between Monday and Wednesday next week if we get an SBC set that supplies these TOTGS cards further.

Player Moments SBC

UCL Team of The Group Stage SBC Player

Benzema looks to be a fantastic value TOTGS SBC, coming in at around the 80,000 coin mark across all 3 platforms. With this 89 card being a considerable upgrade on his previous 88 In-Form, I’d definitely recommend getting this Benzema if you have a few untradeable cards in the club.



Squad 1: La Liga Players: Min 1 | IF Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 83 | Team Chemistry: Min 75 | Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack

Squad 2: Real Madrid Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 84 | Team Chemistry: Min 70 | Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack

UCL Team of The Group Stage Objective Player

A great addition into Season Objectives for the TOTGS has been a nice looking 86 Tagliafico. With Promes OTW being such a popular player, and a tonne of Eredivisie players getting IFs already this season, Tagliafico looks like a great card to complete if you can grind out the objectives!

Rival Goals: Score using Eredivisie players in 3 separate Rivals matches


Defensive Double: Assist and Score using Defenders in the same Squad Battles match on min. Semi-Pro difficulty to earn a TOTT Tagliafico on a 10 game loan


Winning Feeling: Score using Argentinian players in 4 separate Rivals wins

Transition Passer: Assist using Defenders in 5 separate Rivals matches

Battle Winner: Win 2 Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty using at least 5 Argentinian players in your starting squad

UEFA Europa Team of The Group Stage Players


Europa League players feature again in this promotion, with Fernandes and Zaniolo in packs for a week alongside the UCL TOTGS cards.

UEFA Europa Team of The Group Stage Objective

Alfredo Morales has received a player objective for scoring 5 goals during the group stage.

Team of the Group Stage Themed SBCs

As with most promotions, expect to see a good amount of themed SBCs for pack rewards released during the promotion. As Team of the Group stage is based around the Champions League and Europa League, expect requirements and rewards for these player types.


SBC #1 - Standing Ovation

Reward: UCL Rare PlayerExpiry time: 6pm UK December 8thRequirements: Leagues: Min 2 | Clubs: Min 3 | Players from same nation: Max 3 | Gold Players: Min 9 | Team Chemistry: Min 80


SBC #2 - Early Doors

Reward: Premium Gold Players PackExpiry time: 6pm UK December 8thRequirements: Nationalities: Min 3 | Players from same club: Max 1 | UCL Non Rare + UCL Rare Players: Min 1 | Player Quality: Exactly Gold | Team Chemistry: Min 75


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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading