FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: TOTY Investments, Team of the Year Price Predictions, Weekly Schedule and SBCs

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Team of the Year has been officially announced in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and will be arriving on Monday January 6th.

TOTY is arguably the biggest promotion of the year and will feature some of the best cards that FUT has to offer.


You'll want to get yourself ready by picking the correct investments and be informed on what content will come along with it.

If you play your cards right and follow our tips and tricks you could be set for the rest of the FUT season!

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Market Preparation and Predictions
  • TOTY Price Predictions
  • The Weekly TOTY Release Schedule
  • SBCs to Expect - Upgrade SBCs | TOTY Moments SBCs | TOTY Flashbacks

Team of The Year

Check out the team and their stats below:


Team of the Year Market Preparation

Given the quality of players that we’ll be getting in TOTY, the market around the promo is always a very interesting thing to watch.

Here are my general thoughts on the overall market before, during and after the promo including specific advice for meta gold and special cards in your teams, as well as some investments you can make during TOTY to make a tonne of coins!

Overall Market - Before TOTY

Every year before TOTY, we see big dips in the market. This is due to a couple of factors. Panic selling usually occurs because people anticipate a tonne of packs to be opened during TOTY, causing players to drop in price as they get oversupplied onto the market. Another reason is people sell teams to get liquid (i.e. have coins ready to spend), in order to buy TOTY cards, or complete SBCs in order to pack some of the TOTY cards. 


This year has been no different, with top tier cards such as Messi, Neymar, Mbappe etc falling 10-20% in some cases. The most affected area of the market has been the icon market for sure, with big dips in price occurring over the last 7 days. 

Overall Market - During & After TOTY

The market may have dipped going into TOTY, but never fear, as things should start to rise up again as we get into TOTY and as we move through the promotion.

Firstly, expect top-tier gold and special cards to rise back up nicely as we move through the promo, with the biggest rises coming back probably on the Friday of TOTY, as a lot of people will be playing Weekend League, and will buy back big players to use.

Expect bigger rises than usual down to the big coin injection that comes at TOTY from pack openings.

As people spend FIFA points to try and pack TOTY cards, they’ll be gaining coins and getting richer, so when it comes to buying popular players for teams, they’ll begin to rise in value.

In terms of icons, you can expect some rises on some of the cheaper icons, i.e. cards under 1.5m coins.


They’ve dipped a tonne going into TOTY, and I think a lot of people will still be looking to get icons into their team during and post-TOTY.

For higher tier icons, however, players like Gullit/R9/Eusebio etc, expect some dips on them going through TOTY.

This is purely due to the fact that the power curve shifts away from the top tier icons and more-so towards the new TOTY cards. Expect some big price corrections on these super expensive top-tier icons.

Investments to make during TOTY

In my opinion, this year you’ll be able to make decent coins on SBC fodder during TOTY. It’s no secret that we’re expecting a tonne of TOTY SBCs during the promotion, so high rated golds should be great pickups.

Also, if you want to get ahead of the curve, going in heavily on rare golds might not be a bad idea at all if you’re interested in completing a lot of upgrade SBCs in an attempt to pack some TOTY cards.

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TOTY Price Predictions

I’m sure a lot of people are wondering how much the TOTY cards will cost this year. Here are my predictions for some TOTY prices during the promotion.

Alisson - 600,000 > 700,000

This is where I’d expect the TOTY GK to be priced this year. GKs are super cheap this year, so I’d expect the GK position to be one of the cheaper TOTY items compared to previous years

Trent Alexander-Arnold - 850,000 > 950,000 

There’s no doubt that Trent will be the best RB this year for a long time to come, and I would expect his price to reflect that. Expect him to be one of the most packed TOTY cards, putting his price around, but just under the 1,000,000 coin mark.

Virgil Van Dijk - 2,750,000 > 3,000,000

There’s no doubt that Virgil Van Dijk will be the best CB in FUT 20. He will have everything needed in a CB, and his price will reflect that. I can’t see more than 3 million coins for a CB, but expect him to be close to that.

Matthijs De Ligt - 700,000 > 800,000

He will probably be the most packed TOTY card, along with Alisson/Robertson. With a lack of Serie A TOTY items predicted this year, he will be difficult to link, so that may put people off. Will still be 700k roughly due to stats, but won’t be as demanded as other TOTY items due to links.

Andrew Robertson - 800,000 > 900,000

Will definitely be a demanded LB option, and will be up there with the best for the year. However, I think more people are likely to use Trent as a link to Van Dijk this year, so could mean Robertson being a little cheaper than the Englishman.

N’golo Kante - 2,400,000 > 2,600,000

Kante will be an insane TOTY item this year if he receives similar boosts to his TOTY item in FUT 19. Fitting the meta perfectly, with great links, this card will be one of the most popular midfield options in FUT. I’d expect him to be well over 2,000,000 coins.

Frenkie De Jong - 1,600,000 > 1,800,000

I’d expect Frenkie to be the cheapest midfield option out of the three, but should still be priced relatively expensively, above 1.5m. 

Kevin De Bruyne - 2,500,000 > 2,700,000

Similarly priced to N’golo Kante, Kevin De Bruyne will be one of the best CAMs/CMs in FUT 20 if he gets into TOTY. 

Sadio Mane - 3,000,000 > 3,200,000

TOTY attackers are always the most expensive cards in the game. If Mane gets into the starting XI, expect his card to be the cheapest out of the 3 attackers, but will still be very expensive.

Kylian Mbappe - 4,500,000 > 5,000,000

A TOTY Mbappe at ST would without doubt be up there as one of the top cards in FUT 20. Unless Ronaldo gets a ST card at TOTY, expect Mbappe to cost close to the 5 million coin mark.

Lionel Messi - 5,500,000 > 6,000,000

FUT 20 will likely be the year where Messi’s TOTY card is the most popular card to use in FUT. Fitting the meta perfectly, and with a potential lack of a TOTY Ronaldo, expect this Messi card to be well over the 5 million coin mark, making him the most expensive TOTY item.

TOTY Week Release Schedule

Typically during TOTY week, we see a release schedule similar to the following:

  • Monday 6pm - Tuesday 6pm - TOTY Attackers in packs
  • Tuesday 6pm - Wednesday 6pm - TOTY Midfielders in packs
  • Wednesday 6pm - Thursday 6pm - TOTY Defenders & Goalkeeper in packs
  • Thursday 6pm - Monday 6pm - Full TOTY in packs & 12th man Community Vote BeginsFriday 6pm - Monday 6pm - Full TOTY & 12th man Community TOTY in packs

If you’re spending FIFA Points, do it on the weekend when the full TOTY plus the Community voted 12th man is in packs, as you’ll have a slightly better chance of packing one of those elusive blue cards.


Expected SBCs During TOTY

TOTY is a promotion that is full of SBCs, and this year should be no different!

Upgrade SBCs

Upgrade SBCs will most likely feature this year in some capacity, allowing players to complete SBCs for things like Double 81+ League specific packs, 82+ player packs etc.

Requirements should be along the lines of 11 rare golds, 11 rare golds from a specific league etc.

TOTY Flashback SBCs

As hinted in the TOTY loading screen when entering FUT, we should expect to see some TOTY Flashback cards this year.


I’d be expecting cards like Casillas, Ibrahimovic, Marcelo etc that have been popular cards from past FUT TOTYs. 

TOTY Moments SBCs

Similar to last year, expect to see TOTY Moments SBCs released for players that had spectacular moments during the 2019 calendar year.

It has been rumoured that Iniesta will feature as an SBC, as a concept card has appeared in-game.


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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading