FIFA 20 Team Of The Season Investments Guide: How To Prepare For TOTS, Making Coins, Market Outlooks And SBC Preparation

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With Team of the Season drawing ever closer in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, the time to start getting prepared is now.

With this being the biggest event of the year, it’s important to make sure you have the maximum coin total possible, so you can either buy the players that you want during TOTS, or go crazy splashing out on whatever repeatable SBCs are available, in the hope of packing some big cards.


This piece will get you up to speed with everything you’ll need to know, including:

  • How to generate coins in the run-up to Team of the Season
  • Market Preparation, i.e. when to buy and sell cards
  • How to save money on future SBCs
  • Best times to buy Team of the Season cards

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Making Coins Before Team of the Season

A big question around this time of year is “How do I make coins before TOTS?” While there are more players on FUT than ever, with more competition on the market, there are still plenty of ways you can make good money between now and Team of the Season, with a number of simple methods.

Sniping Cards - Setting up High-Profit Filters

When you find a top-quality filter with a range of cards, you can constantly rake in very large profits by sniping. Sniping is a process whereby you wait for cards to be listed at a low price on the 1-hour mark, and buy them as soon as they’re listed, selling them instantly for profit.


Example, you find a card, or set of cards that all sell for above 2000 coins.

You set your max ‘Buy it now’ to 1500 coins and continuously refresh the market (you can do this by setting your maximum bid to 15,000,000 coins, changing this amount after every search).

You see a card on the market, and bam, you buy it, instantly able to sell the card for the 2000 coin market price. You’ve just made 400 coins. Now, you rinse and repeat. 

Effective sniping filters include multiple cards with high supply, such as lower-rated gold items. A good website to use to find players is FUTBIN.


Out of Packs Investing - Using Supply

Out of packs investing is a very simple method, and requires very little effort. The basic idea, is that when a player gets a special item, such as a TOTW Moments or a promo card, their base item goes out of packs for a week, drying up the supply of the base version.


If the base version is a card that is required in SBCs, such as Player SBCs or repeatable SBCs (83+ fodder), or League SBCs (Golds from Top 5 leagues), goes out of packs, the price rises over the course of the week being out of packs, as people still submit them into SBCs, but the card isn’t supplied onto the market, causing the price to rise, and profit to be made.

An example over the previous weeks has been 85 Iago Aspas, who, when out of packs for TOTW Moments 3, almost doubled in price on PS4, going from 11k to 19k, which allowed for big profit potential, as he was being submitted into the mid icon SBC.

Weekend League Rewards Trading

A very popular method this year, involved around Weekend League trading, where you buy in demand, meta cards that make it into people’s Weekend League teams on Sunday and Monday (as people tend to sell their WL teams here), and sell at a higher price on Thursday and Friday (people get coins from Weekend League & Rivals rewards, and go out improving or buying their team). 

This is a very simple trend that works every single week, and in the run-up to TOTS, with people looking to get their teams sorted for the promotion, should work better than ever.



Team of the Season Market Preparation

While it’s still somewhat up in the air as to when Team of the Season will arrive this year, due to the ongoing global situation affecting football seasons, it’s difficult to give concrete advice as to when you should buy/sell players in time for the TOTS promo. 

Regardless, here’s some general advice:

  1. Try to get liquid sooner rather than later if you have cards with a lot of base gold cards. Even top tier items like Neymar/Mbappe fell heavily in value before TOTS in FUT19 as people prepared to get TOTS cards into their squads.
  2. TOTY items may fall a little before the promo as there will be some uncertainty as to whether TOTS cards will exceed their stats, as well as other top tier cards being introduced into the game, offering good substitutes for the TOTYs.
  3. Icons should see a big correction in price throughout the course of the promotion, with TOTS cards becoming the new, popular card type.
  4. SBC fodder, i.e. cheap 83-91 rated cards should drop down a little from where they are currently, but will be in heavy demand during TOTS thanks to the amount of SBCs we’ll be getting.


Saving Money on SBCs

With repeatable SBCs being some of the hottest during Team of the Season, with so many blue cards available to pack, being prepared to complete them can save you a tonne of money throughout the promotion!


For example, in previous years, we’ve received SBCs that have required 11 rare golds to be submitted for a 25k league players pack, which was very popular during top league teams, as there was a good chance of packing blues. Because of this, rare golds almost doubled in value, going up to 1.5k at some points.

To combat these price rises, it’s best to get prepared sooner rather than later. If you’re looking to complete a lot of SBCs, go through and buy your players early when prices are low. Get stocked up with 1 of every discard rare gold in your club so you don’t have them lingering in the unassigned, fill up the transfer list, transfer targets, everything you can. You’ll be laughing when you’re there opening packs from SBCs with your players while everyone else is paying a premium for required cards.

Best Time to Buy TOTS Cards

While the absolute lowest point in the year for Team of the Season cards will undoubtedly be towards the very end of the FIFA cycle when all the special cards are released into packs, we’re going to guide you through the point at which the TOTS cards will be lowest during Team of the Season.

When TOTS cards are in packs, the main lowest points will likely come on the Monday/Tuesday for the week they’re in packs. This is because the Weekend League will just have passed, meaning fewer people will be playing games with the TOTS items, more people doing SBCs instead. This means that there will be a slight dip in price. 

TOTS cards will likely be at their highest early in the week of their release (i.e. Friday-Saturday), as people pack them and look to get them into their squads for Weekend League. They’ll also rise towards the end of their week in packs (i.e. Wednesday-Friday), as people will not only look to get them before they go out of packs, but they’ll also be buying for the upcoming Weekend League, spending their coins from rewards from the prior Weekend League and Division Rivals.