FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Team of the Week 8 Investing Tips and Tricks for FUT 20

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Team of the Week 8 has been released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, featuring a lot of okay options to invest in, but somewhat of a lack of top tier options outside of Werner and Walker. With a lot of cheap options in the TOTW, it’s a good time to look at some lower end discard investing, and some potential club stocks of some lower end, but desirable cards.

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My Top Picks for Team of the Week 8 Investing

With TOTW 8 featuring a lot of lower end players this week, and not so many higher tier options, there are really only 2 players I’m really keen on for longer term investing, or cards that should do well and rise nicely on Thursday after rewards as people look to build teams. There are a lot of good investments that can be made as a lower end SBC investment though, i.e. someone that you can buy and store in the club until they’re required for an SBC.

Kyle Walker - 86 OVR

PS4 Buy Price: 275,000

Xbox Buy Price: 275,000

PC Buy Price: 340,000


Being the best card in this TOTW, and arguably the best EPL right back in the game so far, there is no doubt that Kyle Walker will be a top player people look to get in their teams going forward. With Rio Ferdinand being a very popular choice for Icon Swaps too, with the extra 12 tokens being available from the start of Season 2 tomorrow, people may look to link Kyle Walker in the defence with Rio now offering a very good strong link option. For me, Walker is going to be a strong card for investments going forward.

Timo Werner - 85 OVR

PS4 Buy Price: 260,000

Xbox Buy Price: 250,000

PC Buy Price: 275,000

For me, Timo Werner simply cannot be ignored. With 93 Pace and solid finishing stats, he’s a top tier ST option, and with solid links to popular cards like Reus and IF Havertz, as well as a possible strong link to a POTM Gnabry for October POTM, Werner could be going into a lot of teams over the coming weeks. With somewhat of a lack of pacey striking options in the Bundesliga, I can see Timo being a very popular choice in high end Bundesliga teams.

Other Cards to Club Stock from TOTW 8

These cards don’t look to be the best possible investments this week in my opinion, however they might be a good idea to pick up over the weekend for cheap, and just store in the club until a later date. Over time, they’ll rise from becoming rarer, and with the right SBC, could rise up heavily in value!

  • 86 Sommer
  • 86 Luis Alberto
  • 85 Grimaldo
  • 84 Abraham
  • 84 Muniain
  • 84 Kostic
  • 84 Hazard
  • 83 Benitez
  • 83 Smalling
  • 82 Fabra
  • 82 Orellana
  • 81 Joao Pedro

Some General TOTW Investing Advice

When investing, there are some general points to remember and consider to ensure that you not only maximise profits and efficiency, but also reduce the chances of incurring any losses on cards you buy. 

  • The buy prices discussed in this guide and article are taken from the market as of 3-5pm on Thursday 7th November.
  • The market is ever changing, meaning cards could dramatically exceed or fall below the buy prices mentioned.
  • To make the best investments at the best prices, remember to monitor the market as much as you can, taking note of price fluctuations daily.
  • The big rises with these cards will only start to come once they get slightly rarer once out of packs, or if they become in demand for an SBC, so you may have to be patient.
  • Always sell when happy with the profit on your investments, taking into account 5% tax.
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Written By
Matt Thomas