FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Team of the Week 10 Investing Tips And Tricks for FUT 20

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Team of the Week 10 has been released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, featuring two standout cards in 94 Cristiano Ronaldo, and 92 Eden Hazard. Outside of this, there aren’t many top tier cards to look at investing in, but as FUTMAS begins to get closer, it might be an idea to start getting in a lot of discard IFs in the club to get prepared for the SBCs that should be coming at the start of the festive period!

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My Top Picks for Team of the Week 10 Investing


Unfortunately, TOTW 10 doesn’t feature a lot of major players to look at investing in outside of a general club stock for SBCs, but we can obviously look at the two main players Ronaldo and Hazard for future high-tier investments. There are a lot of good investments that can be made as a lower end SBC investment though, i.e. someone that you can buy and store in the club until they’re required for an SBC.

Cristiano Ronaldo - 94 OVR

PS4 Buy Price: 2,150,000

Xbox Buy Price: 2,100,000

PC Buy Price: 2,750,000


Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly the best card in this TOTW, and one of the best cards in FUT 20 at the current time. There’s no doubt that people will be looking to pick this card up in the future, so if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford one, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick one up for your team. Being a LW will help somewhat, being a position change from his regular ST position, however do be careful holding the closer we get to Team of the Year, as people may begin selling to get Ronaldo’s TOTY item.


Eden Hazard - 92 OVR

PS4 Buy Price: 660,000

Xbox Buy Price: 600,000

PC Buy Price: 800,000

Another top tier card from this TOTW, Eden Hazard looks to be a great pick for a top LW in FUT 20. While he sometimes gets overshadowed by Neymar for that left side, he’s by far the best left winger in La Liga, and with all dribbling stats being well over 90, he can easily match Neymar for dribbling ability, minus the 5* weak foot and 5* skills of course. Hazard should be safe to hold closer to TOTY as well, as it’s not 100% confirmed that Hazard will make the cut. 

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Other Cards to Club Stock from TOTW 10

These cards don’t look to be the best possible investments this week in my opinion, however they might be a good idea to pick up over the weekend for cheap, and just store in the club until a later date. Over time, they’ll rise from becoming rarer, and with the right SBC, could rise up heavily in value. Plus, with FUTMAS around the corner, IFs may start to rise in the hype as people start investing for the SBC heavy promotion.

  • 89 Kroos
  • 86 Moreno
  • 85 Otamendi
  • 84 McGinn
  • 84 Onana
  • 83 Jimenez
  • 82 Elvedi
  • 81 Lainer
  • 81 Skov
  • 81 Bensebaini
  • 80 Osimhen
  • 80 Zaniolo

Some General TOTW Investing Advice

When investing, there are some general points to remember and consider to ensure that you not only maximise profits and efficiency, but also reduce the chances of incurring any losses on cards you buy. 

  • The buy prices discussed in this guide and article are taken from the market as of 3-5pm on Thursday 21st November.
  • The market is ever changing, meaning cards could dramatically exceed or fall below the buy prices mentioned.
  • To make the best investments at the best prices, remember to monitor the market as much as you can, taking note of price fluctuations daily.
  • The big rises with these cards will only start to come once they get slightly rarer once out of packs, or if they become in demand for an SBC, so you may have to be patient.
  • Always sell when happy with the profit on your investments, taking into account 5% tax.


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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading