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FIFA 20 Summer Heat Objective: How To Unlock 94 Bruno Fernandes FAST

Summer Heat has entered its 2nd week FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with an incredible, upgradeable Bruno Fernandes Summer Heat Fan Favourite Objective! 


Bruno is definitely one of the most popular players in the Premier League at the moment, so this card will be completed by many! Here are all the objectives you’ll need to complete to obtain all 3 versions of Bruno Fernandes, along with his final Premium Summer Heat Fan Favourite 94 rated item.

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Summer Heat Objective - Bruno Fernandes - 94 CAM

Inspired by his POTM item, 94 Summer Heat Fan Favourite Bruno Fernandes is available in Season Objectives, expiring on Friday July 17th.

Objectives List

  • Rival 5: Win 5 Rivals matches to earn 90 OVR POTM Fernandes
  • 4x4 Finisher: Score in 3 separate Rivals matches using players with min 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot with 90 OVR POTM Fernandes in your starting squad.
  • Premier League Pulse: Play 8 Rivals matches with 90 OVR POTM Fernandes and min 6 Premier League players in your starting squad to earn 91 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes.
  • Thread The Needle: Assist with a Through Ball using 91 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes in 2 separate Rivals matches.
  • Magician From Maia: Score and Assist using 91 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes in 2 separate Rivals matches with min. 4 Portuguese players in your starting squad.
  • Playing For Portugal: Play 10 Rivals matches with 91 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes and min 4 Portuguese players in your starting squad, to earn 92 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes with improved 5* Weak Foot
  • Bruno Blast: Score an Outside of the Box goal using 92 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes in 2 Rivals wins.
  • Winning Pass: Assist using 92 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes in 3 separate Rivals wins.
  • Fabulous Fernandes: Score using 92 OVR Summer Heat Fernandes in 8 separate Rivals wins.

Given that the list of Objectives you’ll need to complete are largely focused around Bruno Fernandes, there aren’t too many specific requirements for other players that you’ll need to buy throughout your grind. 


However, some top Portuguese players we’d recommend include:

  • 93 Cristiano Ronaldo
  • 94 TOTSSF Renato Sanches
  • 94 TOTSSF Pizzi
  • 93 TOTSSF Rafa
  • 92 Future Stars Joao Felix

One of the earlier objectives also require 6 Premier League players in it, so try to pick up some of these Portuguese players from that league:

  • 88 Ricardo Pereira (Shapeshifters)/88 Ricardo Pereira (MOTM)
  • 89 Bernardo Silva (TOTY Nominee)
  • 87 João Cancelo (FUT Birthday)
  • 85 Rui Patrício (In-Form)
  • 83 Diogo Jota (Europa MOTM)
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