FIFA 20: St Patrick’s Day Promotional Event Rumoured to Arrive in FUT

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With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, on Tuesday, March 17th, there are plenty of rumours flying around that we may be seeing some St. Paddy’s updates coming to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team in the near future.

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St Patrick’s Day Potential Updates

With St Patrick’s Day around the corner, there are a number of potential updates that may be coming to FUT via live content.

  • Upgraded Ireland Players - In SBCs or Packs
  • St Paddy’s Day Themed SBCs
  • St Paddy’s Day Themed Kits, Tifos, Badges, Balls and other club customisation items


St Patrick’s Day Themed Cards

Despite not having any St Paddy’s Day themed content last year in FIFA 19, we may be seeing some content arriving this year in FIFA 20.

In past FIFAs, we’ve seen Republic of Ireland players receiving new, boosted cards to celebrate this event, as well as new Player SBCs and Season Objectives, so there’s plenty of opportunities for new cards to be released this year.



St Patrick’s Day Themed SBCs

In previous years, we’ve had very popular St Patrick’s Day Themed “Pot of Gold” SBCs, whereby players were able to chance their luck at an SBC for a random coin reward between two values. 

For example, the Ultimate Pot of Gold SBC rewarded players with a random coin total between 40,000 and 300,000 coins, with the SBC costing roughly around 70k to complete.

Whether something like this will return in FIFA 20 is still up for debate, however, I’d expect some St Paddy’s Day Themed SBCs to return this year for more standard pack rewards.


St Patrick’s Day Themed Club Items

I doubt EA will let St Patrick’s Day pass without even a nod to the event, so expect at the very least some new Kits, Stadium Themes, Tifos, Badges, Balls and other club customisation items to be released throughout the next week or so, either in SBCs or Season Objectives.