FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 2 COUNTDOWN LIVE: News, Leaks, Rumours And Start Date

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The FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 2 arrives on the 27th February!

A new set of players will arrive in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team goes live at 6 pm GMT, taking over from Winter Refresh.


As we get closer to the event we'll be covering all of the news, leaks and rumours right here.

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Shapeshifters Team 2 Has Arrived! - 18:00 GMT

Read all about Shapeshifters Team 2 here.

TOTS? - 17:00 GMT

While we have your attention, here are the likely details for TOTS in FIFA!

Alaba Shapeshifter? - 15:00 GMT

Imagine this card, it'll be FIFA 16 all over again!


He's BACK! - 14:00 GMT

What a card this would be!

Loading Screen Player Predictions - 13:00 GMT

It's probably fair to say that the 3 on the loading screen for shapeshifters are Cristiano Ronaldo, Trent Alexander-Arnold and N'Golo Kante - but what stats will they get?

Kyle Walker Shapeshifter - 12:15 GMT

Someone is hopeful...


Shapeshifters Team 2 Predictions - 28th February 11:10 GMT

Check out our full predictions here.

Shapeshifters Team 2 - 27th February 18:30 GMT

Shapeshifters team 2 has officially been teased...

Check out our predictions here.


Great news, everyone. They're here.


Check out the squad below, or find the full details here.

Marcelo as CAM? - 13:00 GMT

That 91 CAM card has got everyone talking, but could it be Real Madrid's left-back Marcelo making the move further up the pitch?

Here's what our sister site RealSport101 has to say on the matter.

New Cards And Pack Design - 08:00 GMT



Predictions - 21st February GMT 01:00 GMT

So who are we expecting in this Shapeshifters promo?

A few front runners are:

  • Marcelo
  • Lucas Moura
  • Lacazette
  • Mendy
  • Telles

You can read more here.

Shapeshifters Dates - 23:45 GMT

So when does Shapeshifters start and end? What are the times?


Find out right here.

Next MoTM Cards? - 23:35 GMT

(Image via u/Romanista3)

Shapeshifters Event Confirmed! - 22:45 GMT

The next promotional event in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will be Shapeshifters!


You can read all about this new event right here.

Neymar January POTM - 18:00 GMT

Neymar is Ligue 1's POTM for January!

The @Ligue1Conforama January #POTM is @neymarjr! 👏 A deserved reward for his amazing month 4 Goals & 2 Assists. 🔥💪#TropheesUNFP | #FUT20 |
February 20, 2020

CONMEBOL Libertadores Content Update - 20th February 15:00 GMT

CONMEBOL Libertadores will be coming as a free content update on March 3rd!


New Loading Screen Revealed? - 19th February 20:00 GMT

A new loading screen has arrived but it's unclear what it's for.

One thing is for certain, Winter Refresh is not sticking around to find out!