FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Season 4 Objectives, Rewards, Dates And Information For FUT 20

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The New Year’s Season (Season 4) has been released in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with another short, 3 week set of rewards for playing FUT. This season we see the usual set of Tifos, Stadium Themes and Packs, but we have 2 sets of storyline players to choose from! 

FUT Season 4 started on Friday, January 10th at 5pm GMT and will end at 5pm GMT on Friday, January 31st.

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FUT Season 4 Rewards

FUT Season 4 is out for 3 weeks, so you’ll definitely have to get grinding if you want to get all your rewards claimed before they expire! The rewards and XP needed are as follows!

Level 1 - 150 XP - Coin Boost: 1000 Coins for 5 MatchesLevel 2 - 500 XP -  BadgeLevel 3 - 1000 XP - Gold Pack (Untradeable)Level 4 - 1500 XP - Jumbo Gold Pack (Untradeable)Level 5 - 2500 XP - Loan Base Icon Kaka 

Level 6 - 4000 XP - Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (Untradeable)Level 7 - 5750 XP - Shattered Ice Stadium Theme OR Rusted Stadium ThemeLevel 8 - 7500 XP - Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack (Untradeable)Level 9 - 9500 XP - 82-88 Rated Rare Player (Untradeable)Level 10 - 12000 XP -  Northern Lights Stadium Theme OR Paint Splatter Stadium Theme


Level 11 - 14500 XP - BadgeLevel 12 - 17000 XP - Rare Gold Pack (Untradeable)Level 13 - 20000 XP - Rare Gold BallLevel 14 - 23000 XP - STORYLINE Tomiyasu OR STORYLINE CaceresLevel 15 - 26000 XP - Robot Celebration

Level 16 - 29000 XP - Mega Pack (Untradeable)Level 17 - 32500 XP - Snowcapped Mountains Stadium Theme OR Neon Future Stadium Theme OR Road Trip! Stadium ThemeLevel 18 - 36000 XP - Snowcapped Mountains Tifo OR Neon Future Tifo  OR Road Trip! TifoLevel 19 - 40500 XP - Prime Gold Players Pack (Untradeable) Level 20 - 45000 XP - STORYLINE Felipe Anderson OR STORYLINE Aouar


Be sure to complete all objectives and claim all your rewards before 5pm on Friday January 31st!

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Level 14 Storyline Player - Tomiyasu OR Caceres? 


For reaching level 14 of the Season 4 objectives, you’re rewarded with a choice between 2 great looking Serie A CBs, Bologna’s Tomiyasu or Fiorentina’s Caceres, so which should you take? 

For me, it has to be Takehiro Tomiyasu. He is not only taller than Caceres but also has a 5* weak foot, which is a major help for a CB.



He also has far better passing stats with 90 short and 86 long passing, as well as having superior tackling stats, and 10 better strength than the Uruguayan. 

Level 20 Storyline Player - Felipe Anderson OR Aouar? 


For reaching level 20 of Season 4, you have a choice between West Ham’s Felipe Anderson and Lyon’s Houssem Aouar. 

For this selection, this should be made purely around what you need in your specific team.

For me personally, I’d be looking to take Houssem Aouar, as there are far fewer top midfielders in Ligue 1 than there are LMs in the Premier League.


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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading