FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to the Final: How Upgrades Work, Champions League Predictions and Investments

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The UEFA Champions League and Europa League Road to the Final Promotion has been released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with a tonne of top players receiving Road to the Final items. This promotion allows players to get behind their favourite teams in the Champions League by purchasing players from teams they think will progress far into the tournament, receiving massive player upgrades in the process.

This article will cover:

  • How the Road to the Final upgrades work
  • Predictions of teams (and players) to look out for
  • Advice on how to invest in these Road to the Final cards
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How Road to the Final Cards are Upgraded

Road to the Final cards are "live items," similar to Ones To Watch cards in that they upgrade throughout the season. However, the difference is, Road to the Final cards are tied to the teams progression in the tournament, not specifically the individual player performance. This means that, even if Sadio Mane doesn’t play for Liverpool for whatever reason, and Liverpool progress into a later stage of the tournament, Mane will still receive an upgrade.

Cards are upgraded once for:

  • Qualifying for the Knockout Stages
  • Winning the first leg of the Round of 16
  • Reaching the Quarter Final
  • Reaching the Semi-Final
  • Reaching the Final
  • Winning the UEFA Champions League

An example of the upgrade system can be found below.

Image Courtesy of: @Simplblue88

UEFA Champions League Predictions

Road to the Final cards have the potential to see massive upgrades by the end of the year if teams do well in the Champions League, so it’s definitely worth looking at some favourites to reach the later stages of the competition, and to highlight some potential investments both in the short term and long term.

Already we know that PSG, Bayern, Man City, Juventus, and Liverpool are pretty much guaranteed to reach the knockout stages, with Real Madrid, Spurs and Napoli all very likely to reach the Round of 16 too. This means that cards from these teams are all but certain to receive at least one upgrade, making a big difference to some cards, and allowing for some good short term investments. 

We can also predict and look at which teams may go far this year, allowing for you to potentially buy into some players long term for your team that may see some nice upgrades from reaching at least the quarter finals, such as from teams like Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern etc.

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Road to the Final Investments

My top picks for investments, based off how meta the player in question is, the chances of the team reaching the later stages of the tournament, and other factors, are as follows.

Sadio Mane - Liverpool

There’s no doubt that Liverpool will go far in the Champions League this year. If Mane and Liverpool replicate their Premier League form in Europe, I can easily see Liverpool reaching the Semi-Finals. At minimum, I can see Sadio Mane becoming 93 Rated with close to 99 Pace, 90 Shooting and 85 Physical. There’s no doubt that Mane will be the best LW in the Premier League this year, and now with a live item, there’s no doubt that he’ll be a very popular player going forward. If he doesn’t sneak into Team of the Year, a 93+ rated Sadio Mane could be the next best thing, so definitely keep an eye on this Road to the Final card.

Heung-Min Son - Spurs


The most expensive card from the first batch of Road to the Final Cards, Son looks to be the most desirable card that we’ve seen so far. Already one of the upper-tier meta cards in the game, Son is already over 2,200,000 coins on the market. I’d expect Spurs to at least make the Quarter-Finals this year, which would give Son a 91 Rated card with 90+ Pace, Shooting and Dribbling, making him one of the best attacking options in the game.

Kingsley Coman - Bayern

With Bayern already guaranteed a spot in the Round of 16, Kingsley Coman will already be receiving a +1 upgrade to make him an 87 rated card, making for a more certain investment. Looking more into the long term, I’d be expecting Bayern to go far this year, so a 90 Rated Coman with 88 Shooting, 89 Passing and 97 Pace may be very possible indeed. Couple that with the fact that there isn't an abundance of pacey LWs in the Bundesliga, as well as him being French, then Coman looks like a solid look.

Ousmane Dembele - Barcelona

Ousmane Dembele is one of the most popular players in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team this year, with his 5* Skills and 5* Weak Foot, as well as having great French and Barcelona links for chemistry purposes. With a live card, and Barcelona a strong candidate for a last four team, I’d expect Dembele to be getting around a 90 Rated card by the end of the European campaign. At that level, he’d be possessing around 98 Pace, 93 Dribbling and at least 90 Shooting and 90 Passing, making him almost on par with Messi in terms of a top tier RW option not only in La Liga, but for French teams as well.

Allan - Napoli

Allan is one of the more popular defensive midfielders this year in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, however, the question has to be raised about how far Napoli could go in the competition. While a knockout spot is very certain being four points clear of RB Salzburg currently in Group E, if Napoli face a powerhouse team in the Round of 16, I’d be unsure if they have the capability to progress. This could hurt Allan’s upgrade potential, and may see him only get upgraded to around an 88 Rated card. This may play into the investing potential.


Eder Militao - Real Madrid 

Real Madrid are relatively certain to reach the knockout stages this year, sitting 5 points ahead of Brugge in Group A, which already gives Eder Militao an all important upgrade from an 84 to an 86. Despite Real not looking as strong as previous years, I think they’re pretty much guaranteed to reach the Quarter-Finals this year, which would give Eder Militao a cracking 88 Rated card with 85 Pace, 88 Defending and 89 Physical, making what is a massively popular meta card already, into an even bigger beast. Definitely keep an eye on this card as the European season progresses!

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Written By
Matt Thomas