FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Premier League September Player of the Month Predictions and SBC Investments For FUT 20

After an exciting month in the Premier League, the nominees for September’s Player of the Month (POTM) have been announced for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team; and there are some incredible choices up for the award. The winner is decided by a Premier League panel, Premier League team captains, as well as a fan vote, before being released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as a Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

Many of you will be searching for tips and tricks to improve your FUT experience, and as helpful as gameplay turorials are, it's important to understand how to get the most out of the economy system in FUT and the promotional cycles within the game - a great one to prepare yourself for is the POTM award.

You can vote for your September POTM, by visiting EA Sports’ website here.

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The Nominees

Here are the 8 nominees for the EA Sports September Player of the Month:

Trent Alexander-Arnold: 3 Games | 3 Wins | 1 Goal | 0 Assists | 0 MOTM

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: 4 Games | 1 Win | 3 Draws | 5 Goals | 0 Assists | 0 MOTM

Kevin De Bruyne: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 1 Goal | 3 Assists | 0 MOTM

Riyad Mahrez: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 2 Goals | 1 Assist | 1 MOTM

John McGinn: 3 Games | 0 Wins | 2 Draws | 1 Loss | 2 Goals | 0 Assists | 2 MOTM

Son Heung-Min: 4 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Draw | 1 Loss | 2 Goals | 2 Assists | 1 MOTM

Ricardo Pereira: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 2 Goals | 0 Assists | 0 MOTM

Callum Wilson: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Draw | 4 Goals | 0 Assists | 1 MOTM

To vote for your September POTM, you can visit EA Sports’ website here!

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Our September Player of the Month Prediction

Our pick for September POTM has to be Callum Wilson! While Aubameyang has scored 1 goal more than Wilson in the calendar month, I believe Bournemouth’s unbeaten month picking up 2 wins (Everton at home & Southampton away), and a draw at home to West Ham, will be enough to secure the award for the England poacher.

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How to Invest for September Player of the Month

Next week, around October 11th, you can expect to see a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for the winner of the September POTM award within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. This will require you to submit multiple squads of players, completing specific requirements for each, to obtain a special POTM card of the winner, with boosted stats.

What this means, is that there is a chance to invest in these potential requirements for the SBC, to turn a tasty profit once the SBC is released, or save yourself money when completing the SBC, simply by being prepared.

There are a number of areas that may be required for Callum Wilson’s POTM SBC.

Wilson’s Past Clubs - COVENTRY CITY

Despite having a couple of loans at Kettering Town and Tamworth back in 2011 and 2012, Coventry City is the only club Wilson has previously played for that is in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team! Featuring mainly silver items, it is unlikely that Coventry City will be a requirement, but these cards may see some nice rises before the SBC as people look to invest.

Wilson’s Current FUT Card

Being only 80 rated and relatively cheap, I personally can’t see a requirement that will feature specifically Wilson’s gold card. However, his gold card may rise as people look to try him out before committing to completing his more expensive SBC.

Cards that Link to Wilson POTM

Once people complete the POTM SBC, it’s 99% certain that they’ll look to create a team around them, so getting in players that strong link to Wilson may be a good look! Avoid strikers like Kane/Rashford, as there is a good chance Wilson will replace them in teams, look instead towards players like Raheem Sterling, Dele Alli, or even In-Form James Maddison.

Bournemouth and Premier League Cards

Bournemouth players are a likely requirement, being the team Wilson currently plays for, but also look at some cheap, but high-rated Premier League cards, like João Moutinho, Mesut Özil, or some cheap In-Forms like Aaron Cresswell or Matt Doherty.

Wilson’s September Opponents  - EVERTON | SOUTHAMPTON | WEST HAM

Gold cards from the teams that Wilson played, and scored against are always good cards to look at investing in! SBCs requiring opponents from the month of the award are relatively frequent, so can be good to invest in for cheap.

Wilson’s Nationality - ENGLAND

A squad requiring some English talent to honour Wilson’s nationality is a relatively likely requirement. Try to find players that cover multiple requirements where possible, for example, Jordan Pickford is English, plays for Everton (one of Wilson’s September opponents), and at 83 rating, is nicely rated for a high rated squad requirement.

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Final Tips for Investing in September POTM

A few final tips for Investing in the EA Sports September POTM!

If you’re uncertain as to who will win, just look to invest in broader investments, such as higher rated gold cards, Premier League gold cards etc, don’t look into the more specific investments as described above.It can be a good idea to SELL before the SBC is released, just in case your investments aren’t required. You should see some nice rises in the days leading up to the POTM SBC release!

Once again, to vote for your September POTM, you can visit EA Sports’ website here!

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