FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Premier League October Player of the Month Predictions and SBC Investments for FUT 20

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The nominees have been announced for the Premier League October Player of the Month (POTM) award in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with some exciting players in the running. The winner is decided by a Premier League panel, Premier League team captains, as well as a fan vote, before being released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as a Squad Building Challenge (SBC).

You can vote for your October Player of the Month, by visiting the EA Sports website here

The winner of the October POTM Award will be released into SBCs next Friday (November 8th) at 6pm UK.

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Image via @Simplblue88

The Nominees

Here are the 6 nominees for the EA Sports October Player of the Month:

Jack Grealish: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 2 Goals | 1 Assist | 1 MOTM

Ilkay Gündogan: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 1 Goal | 0 Assists | 0 MOTM


Dean Henderson: 3 Games | 1 Win | 2 Draws | 2 Clean Sheets | 8 Saves | 0 MOTM

Youri Tielemens: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 2 Goals | 1 Assist | 1 MOTM

Jamie Vardy: 3 Games | 2 Wins | 1 Loss | 4 Goals | 0 Assists | 1 MOTM

Willian: 3 Games | 3 Wins | 1 Goal | 2 Assists | 0 MOTM

To vote for your October Player of the Month, visit EA Sports website here

Our October Player of the Month Prediction

This month, out of the nominees, our pick for October POTM has to be Jamie Vardy. With 4 goals, 2 more than the next highest scorer in the nominations, and the most goal contributions this month, he has to be the favourite. Furthermore, after Leicester’s record breaking 9-0 win over Southampton and Vardy’s exclusion from Team of the Week 7 despite a hat-trick, Vardy is the clear favourite for the award.


What this means, is that there is a chance to invest in these potential requirements for the SBC, to turn a tasty profit once the SBC is released, or save yourself money when completing the SBC, simply by being prepared!

There are a number of areas that may be required for Jamie Vardy’s October POTM SBC!

Vardy’s Past Clubs - Fleetwood Town

Fleetwood Town is the only past club that Vardy played at that is in Ultimate Team this year. Featuring only bronze and silver items, I wouldn’t be expecting a Fleetwood Town requirement in Vardy’s SBC, however you may see some rises before the SBC release as some people speculate and invest around a potential past club requirement.

Vardy’s Current FUT Card

Personally, I can’t see Vardy’s POTM SBC requiring Jamie Vardy specifically. Firstly, there are ways in which other cards could be used in place of Vardy, i.e. English Leicester Strikers (James Maddison could be used with a position change), but also the fact that Vardy is but an 82 rated card with a lot of supply. For me, the only real requirement would be a squad around Jamie Vardy as a brick slot.

Cards that Link to Vardy POTM

Once people complete the POTM SBC, or any SBC in general, it’s 99% certain that they’ll look to create a team around them, so getting in players that strong link to Vardy may be a good look! Avoid strikers like Kane/Rashford, as there is a good chance Vardy will replace them in teams, look instead towards players English meta players like Raheem Sterling or Scream Dele Alli and meta Leicester players like In-Form Wilfred Ndidi or In-Form James Maddison.

Vardy’s Current Club - Leicester 

Leicester players are a safe investment for Vardy’s POTM SBC. I can very easily see a requirement featuring a few Leicester players, especially considering their record breaking 9-0 win over Southampton.

High Rated Premier League Cards

For an SBC like Jamie Vardy, you can expect to see some relatively high rated squads being required, one of them being a team requiring a few Premier League players. I’d be looking to buy some 83-87 rated cheap Premier League players to store in the club, as there’s a good chance they’ll be required.

Vardy’s October Opponents  - Liverpool | Burnley | Southampton

Gold cards from the teams that Vardy and Leicester played over the month are relatively good looks. Higher-rated cards are better as they cover the general Premier League requirement too. 

Vardy’s Nationality - England

English Players should be a safe investment, as you can expect to see some English players being required. I love the look of IF Chilwell here personally, being a discard Premier League IF, English, and playing for Leicester, he looks to be a solid investment, covering a number of potential requirements.

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Final Tips for Investing in October POTM

A few final tips for Investing in the EA Sports October POTM!

  • If you’re uncertain as to who will win, just look to invest in broader investments, such as higher rated gold cards, Premier League gold cards etc, don’t look into the more specific investments as described above!
  • It can be a good idea to SELL before the SBC is released, just in case your investments aren’t required! You should see some nice rises in the days leading up to the POTM SBC release!

Finally, to vote for your October Player of the Month, visit EA Sports website here.

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