FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: November POTM Predictions and Investments for the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and La Liga

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After a solid month of November football, we’re set to get some top quality cards released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with 4 Player of the Month items set to be released from the Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and La Liga.

We're being treated to a flurry of promotions in FUT lately - recently, the UCL Team of the Group Stage squad was released and we're already anticipating what FUTMAS has in store for us.


This article will cover both confirmed and predicted winners and release dates for all 4 POTM SBCs, as well as potential investments you can look to make into each card.

Premier League POTM - Jamie Vardy

For me, Jamie Vardy has to be the favourite for November POTM. Despite not having as many goal contributions as Heung Min-Son, Leicester didn’t drop a point through the month of September, with Vardy also claiming the most goals of the month. For me, that puts him in front for the November POTM race.

In terms of investments, given that EA has made an effort to move away from specific requirements, I’d only really look at some SBC Fodder in the Premier League, as this will likely be a requirement. You can also look into some link investments, such as IF Ndidi, however, these will only rise if Jamie Vardy is well priced and affordable, as people need to complete him for his link investments to rise. 

To vote for your November Player of the Month, visit EA Sports website here

The Premier League November POTM SBC is expected to be released around December 13th.

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Ligue 1 POTM - Ludovic Ajorque


With the most goal contributions this month, Ludovic Ajorque looks to win the Ligue 1 November POTM race, in a rather underwhelming set of potential nominees.

Personally, I wouldn’t really worry about this SBC, if Ajorque wins, he won’t be in demand whatsoever due to his low pace and dribbling stats. 

I’d expect the Ligue 1 November POTM SBC to be released around December 11th.



Bundesliga POTM - Timo Werner


Timo Werner had an incredible November, bagging 7 Goals and 5 Assists in only 3 matches. With the Bundesliga options in FUT seeming to improve almost every week, with top meta cards being released, I can see there being a tonne of demand for a POTM Werner.

Investments wise, Germans in the Bundesliga look to be the safest option, covering both the league and nation side of requirements. High rated golds should rise well for this SBC if not too overpriced, plus link investments such as Scream Sabitzer and Reus should do well for those looking to link him into teams. 

I’d expect the Bundesliga POTM SBC to be released sometime around December 15th.


La Liga POTM - Lionel Messi

In a first for FIFA Ultimate Team, we’re set to see a Messi SBC! As the confirmed winner for La Liga’s POTM, with the SBC already confirmed and scheduled by EA Sports, this SBC has the potential to seriously shape the FUT 20 market depending on how the requirements are priced.


Given that this POTM Messi will be priced at a bare minimum of 1,500,000 coins, we have to assume that there are going to be some very heavy requirements. High rated golds, i.e. 87+ will 100% have to be required to flush out the cost of the SBC, as would high-rated In-Form cards. If EA really wanted to raise the cost, I wouldn’t put it past them to include Messi himself, that would easily add a sizeable chunk of coins onto the SBC. 

The La Liga POTM Messi SBC has been confirmed by EA and will be released on Thursday, December 12th at 6pm UK.

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Written ByMatt Thomas@MattFUTTrading