FIFA 20: Copa Libertadores Update: New Icons, Leagues, Players and Content Rumoured for Ultimate Team

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The CONMEBOL or Copa Libertadores Update has arrived in FIFA 20, currently in Tournament and Kick-Off mode, however, there are a lot of rumours surrounding the content that we can expect to see arriving soon in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

With the arrival of Riquelme’s Icon card in FUT, there are rumours and hints that we can be expecting more content in the near future, including more new icons, new leagues and players, as well as new kits, stadiums and other club items.

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More New Icons Coming to FUT? 

With the release of Argentinian icon Juan Román Riquelme being added to FUT as a part of the Copa Libertadores update, there are rumours that there are more potential icons to come soon in FUT.

A tweet below, hinting that Cafu, a heavily demanded Brazilian icon could be arriving in FUT was liked by the official EA Sports FIFA account, leading fans to believe that more cards may be arriving soon!

New Leagues & Players Coming to FUT?

After the update to Kick-Off and Tournament modes rolled out, FUT fans noticed some interesting updates on the FUT Web App.

With new leagues, including CONMEBOL Libertadores (LIB), CONMEBOL Sudamerica (SUD), as well as other coding, suggesting that new items are likely to be arriving in FUT, with rumours floating around that they could be arriving this Friday, March 6th.

It's possible that new players may also be coming to FUT with this brand new update and they're familiar faces that FUT fans should be aware of.

New players coming to FUT may include Man United veteran Antonio Valencia, as well as a fan favourite, Emmanuel Adebayor.


New Kits, Stadiums & Club Items

Also included in the Copa Libertadores update for Kick-Off and Tournament modes were new stadiums, kits and pitch props, to immerse players in the sights and sounds of South American club football.

Expect some of these updates to filter into FUT, with the possibility of added Copa Libertadores Tifos, Stadium Themes, Badges, and other club items, bringing the South American atmosphere to your FUT clubs!

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