FIFA 20 Carniball Squad Prediction & Expected Players

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The FUT Carniball Promotion is expected to arrive soon in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, so what better time to look at some potential players that we could expect to see released during the promo.

As we prepare for Shapeshifters Team 2, what can possibly be left to bring in FUT? Here's what we're expecting.


Last year in FIFA 19, we had a squad of 14 items released into packs, with players selected from the eight major Carnival countries, these being: 

  • Brazil (Rio De Janeiro)
  • France (Nice)
  • Belgium (Binche)
  • Italy (Venice)
  • Argentina (Buenos Aires)
  • USA (New Orleans)
  • Spain (Cadiz)
  • Germany (Cologne)


Our prediction will again feature 14 players, selected from these 8 nations.

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Carniball Predictions

Here are some players from the 8 Carniball nations that I would like to see featured in this year’s Carniball promo.

Paul Pogba - 94 OVR - France

Pogba hasn’t seen an upgrade yet in FUT this year, due to his long term struggle with injury. What better time to give him a big upgrade, than having him represent the French in the FUT Carniball promotion!

Roberto Firmino - 93 OVR - Brazil

Having been snubbed of a Winter upgrade card, many are crying out for a higher rated Firmino card to reflect his class for Liverpool this season. The Brazilian is a perfect fit for the Carniball promo, playing with a flair that encompasses the spirit of the promotion.

Gianluigi Donnarumma - 92 OVR - Italy

A GK will have to feature in the squad released into packs, so what better player than arguably the best young keeper in the world currently.

Cesar Azpilicueta - 91 OVR - Spain

Azpilicueta as a CB card would be a fantastic addition to FUT with his pace, agility and passing. I’d love to see him included in this year's Carniball celebrations.

Kai Havertz - 90 OVR - Germany

The first of the two German inclusions in our Carniball prediction, Havertz is a hotly demanded prospect in both FUT and real-world football. What a card this would be if he were to be included!


Douglas Costa - 90 OVR - Brazil

Our 2nd Brazilian, Costa has been lacking somewhat in FUT upgrades this year, so Carniball could be his break, and being a 5* Skiller, he certainly provides the flair to the squad.

Clément Lenglet - 90 OVR - France

The Barcelona CB started the year being one of the most popular CBs in FUT, so an upgrade in the Carniball team would make a lot of people happy I think. With a link as well to Headliner Varane, you’d have quite the French pairing in defence.

Yannick Carrasco - 89 OVR - Belgium

Our first Belgian in the squad, a high rated Yannick Carrasco card at Atletico would be a very popular item I think. With a slight lack of LW options in La Liga, this card could certainly help fill that gap nicely.

Jerome Boateng - 89 OVR - Germany

Despite not being the commanding CB that he once was, Boateng still has the potential to be a monster in FUT, and a potential big Carniball upgrade could help.

Giovani Lo Celso - 89 OVR - Argentina

Representing Buenos Aires and Argentina, Lo Celso would be a very popular option in any Premier League midfields, boasting solid all-round stats.



Thomas Meunier - 88 OVR - Belgium

A CDM Thomas Meunier card is always something that’s desired in FUT, thanks to his very well rounded stats and large frame in-game. This card would certainly be in demand with Neymar and Mbappe being two of the most popular cards this year.

Andrea Belotti - 88 OVR - Italy

The 2nd Italian in the squad, representing the Venice Carnival, Belotti could be a great addition, with 5* Weak Foot and the potential for very high shooting and physical, he could be a prolific striking option.

DeAndre Yedlin - 86 OVR - United States

Unfortunately, there aren’t a tonne of options to cover in the USA, hence Yedlin’s inclusion. Always a popular choice due to his incredible pace, he should feature yet again in this year's Carniball promotion.

Ansu Fati - 86 OVR - Spain

A very hopeful inclusion this, but a big upgrade to Ansu Fati would be very sought after this year in FUT. With many hoping that he’d receive a Future Stars item, maybe a Carniball card is in the pipeline now that the wonderkid has been added into FUT.