FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Cards: Promotional Events That Would Be Great To See In EA Sports New Game

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will no doubt be full of promotional events. Something that has become a great feature within FIFA Ultimate Team, these in-game events that occur are big moments for investors to take the plunge and grab some new FIFA 20 Ultimate Team cards.

Many players will receive upgrades during these promotional events to their FIFA 20 Ultimate cards. Here are 4 potential promotional events that would be great to include in FUT 20.

Here are the promotional events we would like to see in the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

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Dry January

January is known for being a month of cleansing after the boozy festive period. The concept of this event is for those who are having a poor run of form in the opening half of the season, they will receive a special card as a ‘new beginning’. An example of this is a striker who is on a dry patch of not scoring, this would certainly give players, who are unlikely to receive a special card, the chance to do so and allow different players to become of value for users.

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April Fools

The famous day for pranks and jokes could extend into FIFA 20 Ultimate team with a new promotional event. This concept would be less performance based and more focused on the characters within the game. Similar to the scream cards that are seen in October, this could be a good opportunity to make unusable cards better e.g. A very slow player is given 90 pace or a short player is given great heading stats. There’s the potential to reward players for no other reason that they are known for being practical jokers.

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Euro 2020

I think it’s a given to get a promotional event around such a prestigious tournament in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, it would really give the end of the game’s life span that extra kick to keep players ticking over to FIFA 21, as well as getting people more into the spirit of the competition

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Pack & Play

This promotional event relies less on players, but more on rewards for playing the game. This could be a community driven goal, on a global scale, where the player base must score a certain number of goals or play a set number of games to unlock rewards such as packs, players, draft tokens or other forms of rewards. This can be separated by different tiers with the rewards scaling the further they get through the challenge.

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Written byChris Trout@TheTrout91

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